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Stunningly narrated by Brian Jacques himself and supported by a rotating cast of tremendous voices, Redwall follows the day-to-day adventures of a group of anthropomorphic animals in and around Redwall Abbey. Beloved all around the globe, this award-winning children's fantasy series still captures new fans nearly four decades after arriving on the scene.

Join Matthias the Mouse as he fights valiantly to overcome Cluny the Scourge, one of the greatest villains in the history of children's fiction. Elsewhere, Mariel of Redwall's quest for revenge will have listeners howling with laughter, and the stories are packed with magnificent secondary characters that very much deserve their own spotlights.

Talking animal characters are a constant presence in children's fiction, but Redwall exists in a league of its own. First published in 1986 and since developed into a television series and more (Netflix has acquired the adaptation rights for the world at the centre of Mossflower Woods), Redwall's cast of beloved characters are always tenacious and daring, no matter the adventure in front of them.

A full cast of voices does a fantastic job with the stories, occasionally bursting into song when the moment is right. Redwall's cast of comical characters has been changing the way children view the animals for years, as generation after generation falls in love with Brian Jacques and his tales of the goings-on in Redwall Abbey. With 22 audiobook stories to listen to, the best time to start is now. This highly-acclaimed collection of charming tales is a fantastic listen for fiction lovers of all ages. 

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