Savy Wisdom

3 books in series
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Savy Wisdom Publisher's Summary

We’re all faced with challenges in our lives which in the moment often seem unsurmountable and hopeless. That was the case for Sophie, a high school student who found herself sitting on a park bench one torturous autumn day, ready to end her life and her struggle.

In Sophie’s moment of truth, a stranger suddenly appeared next to her, offering his handkerchief which was embroidered with these words: “If you want your life to change, you must change.”

Little did she know the adventure she was about to embark upon as a young woman, inspired by a mysterious man who called himself Savy.

Page by page, Sophie discovers more and more about who she truly is, unmasking the illusion of her false identity and limitations, paving her road to endless love, abundance, and a life beyond her wildest dreams.

You’ll find that this audiobook is a fun and suspenseful parable based on real-life events that inspires you to move from victim to victor with actionable takeaways for the betterment of your life.

©2021 Peggy McColl (P)2021 Waterside Productions, Inc.
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