Sigma Force

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Sandstorm Publisher's Summary

More heart-stopping action and suspense from the best-selling author of Amazonia and Subterranean.... 

In his five previous thrillers, James Rollins, the king of speculative adventure writing, has taken listeners on mind-expanding journeys spanning from the top of the world to deep within the Earth’s surface. In this latest voyage of imagination combining hard science with explosive excitement — his most breathtaking yet — he explores the mysterious sands of the Arabian peninsula.  

Twenty years ago, a wealthy British financier disappeared near Ubar, the fabled lost city buried beneath the sands of Oman. Now, an expedition of scientists, led by the financier’s daughter, is finally setting off for the legendary metropolis to unlock the desert’s secrets. What they find, however, is more beautiful than they ever dreamed — and far deadlier. Within Ubar is a powerful energy source that could fuel the entire earth above — if it can be harnessed. But before they can resurface, the explorers become trapped. For the same life-giving force that can save the world is about to set off a giant, sweeping storm awesome enough to annihilate everything in its wake....

©2004 Jim Czajkowski (P)2010 HarperCollins Publishers
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