Six of Crows

2 books in series
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A heist tale unlike any other, Six of Crows is a gripping tale of eclectic characters who must overcome their differences to achieve the impossible. And the fate of the world might just hang in the balance.

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo is a futuristic tale of adventure, heists and danger. Kaz Brekker and a rag-tag team of dubious characters, including Matthias Helper and Nina Zenik, are thrown together on a mission that could change everyone's fate. This Audible adaptation includes the best-selling audiobook Six of Crows and its follow-up, Crooked Kingdom. Both are narrated by a full cast, featuring Jay Snyder, Roger Clark, and Elizabeth Evans amongst other voice actors for a fully immersive listening experience. Each voice embodies one of the dangerous outcasts, bringing Bardugo's world of criminal prodigy surrounded by danger to life.

Listeners will be on the edge of their seats with this non-stop action and adventure tale that is both gripping and insightful. Each complex character has their own point of view, expertly expressed by the ensemble of performers. Get lost in the world of skilled, daring misfits, and deadly heist adventures. This audiobook also offers plenty of action and a complicated love story, making it truly a collection with something for everyone.

In this fan favourite series, Bardugo pairs well-imagined characters with a compelling plot. Impressive detail and expert world-building bring this band of outcasts, their individual differences, and their shared challenges and mission to life so that listeners will find themselves fully immersed in the story. Taking off at a breathless pace in Six Crows and keeping the tension and twists coming through Crooked Kingdom, this audiobook collection is a true fantasy epic and a must-add to your listening library.  

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