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The Prism Affect Publisher's Summary

Earth can no longer sustain itself....

Massive storms blanket the planet, and the future of the human race is uncertain.

All hope seems lost until the creation of the Skylight System. The orbiting wonder rekindles hope for everyone, including one young man by the name of Jet Stroud. When he arrives at Skylight University, he sees an opportunity to live the life he never dreamt possible. There’s just one problem.

He’ll be dead soon.

Thanks to his rare condition known as ephebus mortem, a.k.a. The Youthful Death, he learns that legend says he will die before his 24th birthday. He can’t outrun his fate, but he may be able to outsmart it...if he acts fast.

Ephebus mortem comes with one very noticeable trait, though.... His eyes glow. The stigma of the disease has followed him throughout his life, and unfortunately, he is labeled an outcast when the semester begins.

However, a young man from Jet’s home back on Earth is also there and reluctantly agrees to help him. Together they locate the remaining students with ephebus mortem and begin their quest to find a cure for the strangest disease ever known.

As the semester rolls on, Jet’s condition worsens and his eyes glow brighter. He begins to see hallucinations, hidden symbols, and holographic prophecies. But the most disturbing symptom shocks him to the core. The ghost of a former student named Solan Alexander, who died a decade ago, begins to follow him. Are his eyes seeing reality or fiction?

Can Jet pull the group of misfits together in time to defeat the legend of ephebus mortem? Will he break the curse and save himself and the others before the semester closes? In the end, he will discover something so profound that it may change the fate of the human race forever.

Science becomes magic in this epic sci-fantasy thriller. Dive head-first into this shadowy quest with Jet and the gang as they tackle the mystery of ephebus mortem. 

Stay tuned for book two of the Skylight series.

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