Skylight Series

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The Prism Affect Publisher's Summary

Just beyond Earth’s atmosphere, orbiting like a shining beacon of hope, is the celebrated Skylight University and only the brightest students are accepted into its hallowed halls.

Jet Stroud—a young man whose life has never run smoothly—suffers from a rare illness called ephebus mortem, a.k.a. The Youthful Death. In addition to the usual problems any teen might experience, it is said this disease will kill him before his 24th birthday. To make matters worse, the legend also claims he will become delusional long before the disease takes his life. It's not much of a future to look forward to, so when he is accepted into Skylight, he grabs it with both hands. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime, but it sounds too good to be true and he enters with caution.

Jet believes that he can find the remedy to his condition at Skylight University and soon he meets new friends who are also affected by ephebus mortem. Together, they form a union and begin their quest for a cure.

But not all is as it seems at Skylight. Mysterious shadows lurk in the corridors and bizarre holographic prophecies haunt his thoughts. It isn’t long till Jet begins to struggle on the blaze pitch and with his studies. In an unexpected turn of events, Jet stumbles onto a clue from a former student and he wonders if she might be able to help them. There’s just one problem, though…she died from ephebus mortem 10 years ago. Could her clue hold the cure to the strangest disease ever known to the human race? Can Jet and the others survive long enough to crack the code? In the end, Jet uncovers something so profound that it will change his life forever. 

©2021 Jason Wint (P)2021 Jason Wint
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