Something More

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Say When Publisher's Summary

He told me to say when, but I can't. Not with Andres. It's so hard to say anything when he’s trailing feather soft kisses down my neck, or when his touch sends hot currents of lust rippling across my skin.

Then there's the way he smiles and offers soft words of encouragement when I'm creating art, almost like he believes I have talent.

He's not like any guy I've ever met. Not like my ex-fiance. Not like my father. He's got me thinking that maybe we can have something more. More than just lust, degradation, and abuse.

And now I'm scared, because that means I'll have to trust him with more than just my body, but with my heart, too.

This is the first book in the Something More Series. Also available are book two, Say Yes, and the third installment, Say Forever. Say Please, book 3.5, is out now.

Warning: this book contains graphic language, sex, and mature situations. Not intended for young adult readers.

©2013 Tara West (P)2014 Tara West
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  • Book 1

    Price: $26.81 or 1 Credit

    Sale price: $26.81 or 1 Credit

  • Book 2

    Price: $26.40 or 1 Credit

    Sale price: $26.40 or 1 Credit

  • Book 3

    • Something More Series, Book 3
    • Written by: Tara West
    • Narrated by: Kaylan McKinney
    • Length: 7 hrs and 50 mins
    • Release date: 2015-06-03
    • Language: English
    • Not rated yet

    Price: $25.00 or 1 Credit

    Sale price: $25.00 or 1 Credit

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