Son of the Mob

2 books in series
4.5 out of 5 stars 8 ratings

Son of the Mob Publisher's Summary

A reluctant Mafia prince...

Vince Luca is just like any other high school guy. His best friend, Alex, is trying to score vicariously through him; his brother is a giant pain; and his father keeps bugging him to get motivated. There is just one thing that really sets him apart for other kids - his father happens to be the head of a powerful crime organization.

Needless to say, while Vince's family's connections can be handy for certain things (like when teachers are afraid to give him a bad grade), they can put a serious crimp in his dating life. Who wants to explain to your girlfriend what your father does for a living? But when Vince meets a girl who finally seems to be worth the trouble, her family turns out to be the biggest problem of all. Because her father is an FBI agent - the one who has been watching Vince's family for years, and who wants to put his father away for good.

©2002 Gordon Korman (P)2018 Listening Library
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