The Stormlight Archive

6 books in series
5 out of 5 stars 11,230 ratings


War rages all around and has done for years - but no one really remembers the reasons they are fighting anymore. The land is barren, the storms make life nearly unbearable, and slavery is the way of life for most citizens. And yet, a whisper has been heard that all hope may not be lost. There is a shadow of a past - more grand and wonderful than the people dare to dream, that just might be raising its head again.

The Stormlight Archive is an imaginative series by best-selling author Brandon Sanderson. Full of adventure, wonder, and otherworldly characters, it is an epic fantasy series that blends science fiction post-apocalyptic worlds with myths, heavenly beings, and great warrior troops. The Way of Kings is the first title in the book series and introduces listeners to the inhospitable world of Roshar.

A seemingly pointless war rages on, fueled by years of fighting that have lost all meaning, but just as life seems to be getting truly hopeless for Kaladin of the shattered plains, whispers of an ancient weapon are heard. Stories of the Knights Radiant are swirling, and rumours of their all-powerful weapons and armour - the Shardblades and Shardplates - are coming to light. Could this order of warriors still exist?

One of the most complex and intriguing fantasy novels creates an intricate world like no other. Sanderson’s attention to detail and relatable characters give this series the extra edge that takes it from fantasy to a truly epic tale. Follow Brightlord Dalinar Kholin - commander of armies, Kaladin, and the deceptive Shallan Davar (who trains with the heretic teacher Jasnah under false pretences) through this world of battles, bravery, and unthinkable triumphs. The Stormlight Archive series does what so many fantasy stories cannot - it builds a wholly unique world that is still relatable, realistic, and full of characters and storylines that listeners can grab onto and connect with. This New York Times best-selling series is a true masterpiece of storytelling that will have listeners hooked all the way through its many books, from the first book, The Way of Kings,to Words of Radiance, Edgedancer, Oathbringer, Dawnshard, and Rhythm of War.

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