Struggle for the Crown

9 books in series
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Blood on the Crown Publisher's Summary

Based on the actual events of the years 1367-1382, the novel shows the struggle for the crown through the eyes of a young warrior.

Blood on the Crown is set in the latter half of the 14th century. 

Will, son of Harry, is about to join one of the freebooting mercenaries who serve the Black Prince in Gascony and Spain. Soldiers of fortune, they fight for pay and for loot. Circumstances mean that he comes to the attention of the heir to the English throne, Prince Edward, and is chosen as the bodyguard for his sons, Edward and Richard. When the Black Prince dies before his father and his elder brother, Edward, also dies, a young Richard of Bordeaux becomes heir to the throne, and Will has a greater responsibility than he expected. He becomes King at the age of just 10. Intrigue, attempted murder and a revolt by the peasants of Kent, Essex and London put both the young King and his bodyguard in mortal danger.

©2018 Griff Hosker (P)2019 W. F. Howes Ltd
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