Tea Rose

4 books in series
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How far can you really run from your past? That’s the question for Fiona Finnegan, the heroine of The Tea Rose, a gripping historical novel.  

The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly follows the story of Fiona Finnegan, who works in a tea factory, lives a quiet life and dreams of someday owning her very own tea shop. Fiona’s is flipped upside down when danger and deadly confrontation come knocking. She flees her London home and finds herself in a new world in New York City, where she eventually becomes part of the Manhattan tea trade. A vivacious story of endurance, strength and dreams, The Tea Rose centers on the strong-willed Fiona and her indomitable spirit.

This work of historical fiction is the first in a trilogy, The Rose Series, and is followed by The Winter Rose and The Wild Rose. Each book weaves a story around strong female characters, with aspects of thrilling suspense that add an edge and tension to the tales. Listeners will get hooked on the fast-paced story that is both charming and dark, intriguing and romantic. Each beloved character is well defined, creating a relatable and engaging story full of emotion.

The series is expertly narrated by Jill Tanner, whose dynamic and dramatic performance has won over countless listeners. She effortlessly shifts between accents and characters for a full experience that only enhances the amazing story. Her tone and cadence are pleasant and easy to listen to, yet energetic and emotive enough to carry the weight of the story. A perfect mixture of romance, thriller, historical fiction, and stunning performance, Tea Rose is sure to captivate a wide range of listeners.  

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