Testimonies of God's Love

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Testimonies of God's Love, Book 1 Publisher's Summary

What if God is actively trying to communicate with you in order to bless all areas of your life but you do not know God's special language?

God is a living God. He sends his prophets to teach the "language of the divine" and to show his children the way home to their father. Divine love and guidance has always been and is still available to you. Learning how to listen, trust, and respond to this guidance will improve your life and bring more abundance to your heart.

Within this book are miraculous modern day testimonies written by students of the Nature Awareness School. Here they learned how to recognize God's guiding hand in all areas of their lives. Through dreams, divine insight, experiencing the light and sound of God directly, or traveling with an inner guide into the heavens these true stories show us God is indeed alive and still communicating. These testimonies show how God is reaching out and desires to develop a more personal and loving relationship with each of us.

This book will shatter any limitations to what is truly possible in your relationship with God. It shows how others are experiencing God's love and grace and will serve as inspiration on your own journey home to the heart of God.

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