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The Old Curiosity Shop Publisher's Summary

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In true Dickensian fashion, The Old Curiosity Shop offers a humorous yet devastating depiction of both the most honourable and most corrupt members of 19th-century English society. 

Hailed by Queen Victoria as being ‘interesting and cleverly written', The Old Curiosity Shop introduces listeners to the uniquely colourful characters of Nell Trent, her young friend, Kit, her doting grandfather and the evil moneylender to whom they all fall prey, Daniel Quilp. 

A gentle and caring young orphan, Nell works in her grandfather’s shop alongside her only friend, the honest and hardworking Kit. 

Upon discovering that their shop and income have been gambled away and are now in the hands of the wicked and grotesquely deformed Daniel Quilp, Nell and her grandfather are forced to flee from their hometown and throw themselves on the mercy of strangers; forever to be hunted by the malevolent ghosts of their past.

First published in 1841 in serial form, The Old Curiosity Shop experienced worldwide success and was praised by the public and critics alike. In this modern and original adaptation, Jessie Buckley delivers an astute and powerful performance which is guaranteed to intrigue listeners from the start.

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