The Billionaire Wolf Paradise

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Shifter Romance: The Billionaire Wolf Paradise 3-in-1 Set Publisher's Summary

An alpha billionaire with a werewolf secret

For the first time ever, this epic and steamy three-part romantic suspense series is available in one amazing audiobook! Don't miss out on all of the werewolf shapeshifter action....

Jane was stressed out and tired of the same old 9-to-5 grind. Wake up, go to work, go to sleep, repeat. It was getting old, and she needed a personal vacation to kick back and relax. With her bags in hand, she booked the first flight she could to a private paradise island resort where the people are beautiful and time moves slow.

Little did she know, she would meet the most gorgeous man she has ever laid eyes on. And not only that, but he has money and power...lots of it. The only problem is that the man has a secret...he has a wild side, a dangerous side. Will Jane be able to live with this side of him, or will she accept it and join his forbidden paradise?

Lee's hands gripped her hips and she heard a low growl starting in his throat. That growl was becoming familiar, and she knew the wolf inside him wanted to get loose. She shook her head at him and flicked one more lick across his neck. He made a gorgeous wolf, but it was not his fur she was interested in right at that moment.

"Not now," she purred, "I need you to stay human for me."

Warning: This audiobook has several moments that are sizzlin' hot, so it's highly recommended that you are 18+. Dress in appropriate clothing, and crack a window before listening!

©2015 John Robinson (P)2015 John Robinson
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  • Book 2

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