The Callister Trilogy

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The Love of a Cowboy Publisher's Summary

When Texas beauty Dahlia Montgomery and her best friend journey to Idaho for a change of scenery for the summer, the last thing she expects to encounter is Luke McRae, a lean, rugged cowboy intent on sweeping her off her feet and into his bed. Dahlia can't resist his rugged cowboy swagger and his sky blue eyes, even though she knows he can break her heart.

Luke is part owner and manager of the legendary Double-Deuce Ranch in the Idaho mountains. With the ranch, an alcoholic ex-wife, a shrewish mother and three kids to worry about, he has no interest in romance. But that doesn't mean he has given up casual sex with beautiful women.... But is either he or Dahlia prepared for the consequences of a sexy summer romp?

©2003, 2012 Jeffery McClanahan (P)2014 Jeffery McClanahan
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