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Twins of the Prophecy (The Thrones and Prophecy Series) Book 1 Publisher's Summary

Gavin and Catrina McGregor wanted normal lives for their twin boys, Caleb and Lucas. While both have pursued their own passions in life, a cloud has hung over them from birth. It is a secret that their parents wanted to protect them from, but a prophecy from ancient days is beginning to unfold before their eyes. The prophecy speaks of a day when twin brothers from the blood line of King Callam will be born.

One will rise to greatness and embrace the light. The other will rise to greatness and embrace the dark. Worse yet, with the existence of the boys, a powerful and evil wizard of the past will return. He grows stronger as the twins grow older. His plans for the total conquest of the world now rests in the hands of Caleb and Lucas. One will stand by his side and help him destroy the only hope for the world - The Knights of Liberty.

On one fateful night, Gavin and Catrina realize that they can no longer protect the boys from their destiny. The Dark Order of the Draith have found them and the time has come to reveal the secrets they have kept. When Caleb and Lucas' mother is captured by an agent of the Draith, Gavin and his boys must go into the world they left behind to rescue her, now placing the boys on the path to fulfilling the prophecy they worked so hard to keep them from having to follow. Soon, the fates of two worlds will rest on the decisions of these two young boys - The Twins of the Prophecy.

©2014 Jason M. Brooks (P)2014 Cross Point Publishing
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