The Chronicles of Narnia (Author's Preferred Order)

25 books in series
5 out of 5 stars 1,624 ratings


A chance encounter with a magic wardrobe. A journey into an unknown world. What starts as an impossible encounter quickly turns into a world of possibility and wonder, but also very real and evil danger.

The classic trope of good vs. evil comes to life in the much-loved fantasy genre series from the mind of C.S. Lewis. The Chronicles of Narnia series follows four siblings (Lucy Pevensie, Edmund Pevensie, Susan Pevensie and Peter Pevensie) and their mythical creatures, friends and various alternative characters through seven epic books of adventure and magic. From the origin story of The Magician's Nephew, through to tales of Prince Caspian, a White Witch, the Silver Chair or the Horse and His Boy, C.S. Lewis weaves life lessons, Christian morals and exciting adventures together with ease.

The Narnia book series has been well-loved over the years and has well and truly stood the test of time, a success that can be traced to its endearing main characters, fantastic world of magical wonder, and the underlying feel-good trope of good vs. evil, where goodness and love conquer all more often than not. The timeless lessons and characters are what keep this series in the best-selling lists, and also why it (or the best-selling book series' most famous title The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) has been adapted so many times; to date, there are film adaptations, BBC radio plays, TV series, various stage plays, and, of course, audiobooks.

The Audible titles are narrated by a variety of talented and charming voices, from full-cast ensembles to well-known voice actors and other established narrators. Each voice lends its own unique spin to its respective audio version of the classic adventure stories, for an experience that pulls in audiences and leads listeners into the wondrous world of Narnia. From young listeners to older audiences reliving the tales of their youth, listeners will love falling into the C.S. Lewis chronicles whether it is for the first time or they are long-time fans. The Chronicles of Narnia are truly special.   

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