The Princess Series (Moriarty)

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Exposed!: The Princess and the Pilot Publisher's Summary

A hauntingly enchanting creature dwells in the westernmost reaches of Cornwall near Land's End. The Daisy Faerie.

Long a subject of rumor and ancient legend, the tiny faerie cannot be seen by human eyes. At least adult human eyes.

Of course, children know all about Daisy Faeries. But don't children know more of all the wonderful things in life than cynical old adults?

The tale of Daisy Faeries began long ago and ever so far away. But it continues today and on into the future as far as the mind can see.

Eventually, even a Daisy Faerie needs a sort of love not supplied by little children who serve so well and willingly as playmates.

A lovely Daisy Faerie seeks a handsome prince to marry, to have children with, and to live happily ever after. A handsome but lonely pilot seeks his princess. A strange turn of fate brings the pair together. But the road to true love and happiness contains a mud puddle or two.

And a toad.

You can enjoy one of our Peanut Books in two hours or less. We deliberately kept the books short so you can finish a book in one session. Each Peanut Book is a complete story but some of the books will be part of a series which can be started anywhere.

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