The Resurrection Chronicles

2 books in series
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The Lazarus Succession Publisher's Summary

Amazon UK best seller in religious mystery, religious fantasy, and biblical fiction. 

A modern-day thriller with a medieval mystery from the author of The Patmos Enigma, The Brodsky Affair, and The Chronicles of Aveline.

A dying condesa's last hope.

A disgraced judge's chance for redemption.

And a secret that remained hidden for centuries....

Until now.

According to legend, Annas Zevi, an artist who witnessed the raising of Lazarus, was told by Christ to paint what he saw. Over the centuries, his completed works have vanished, along with every other painting depicting Lazarus' resurrection. They were rumored to be sacred icons with miraculous powers.

International art recovery experts Broderick Ladro and Ulla Stuart are hired by a disgraced high court judge, Sir Maxwell Throgmorton, to locate a long lost medieval painting by Spanish artist Francisco Cortez. Like Zevi, his work is said to be divinely inspired.

Throgmorton's client, a wealthy Spanish condesa, is terminally ill, and the icon is her last hope. She will pay and do whatever it takes to find the missing work of Cortez.

Unbeknownst to the condesa, Throgmorton seeks to make a vast personal fortune from the discovery of the paintings and use it to reclaim his place in society.

Ladro and Stuart learns of Throgmorton's deceit and attempts to thwart his plans. As they delve deeper into the mystery of the missing Cortez painting, they discover a secret that changes their lives forever.

Just as it changed the lives of everyone it touched across the centuries.

©2017 Ken Fry (P)2017 Ken Fry
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