The Royal Agents of MI6

5 books in series
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The Royal Agents of MI6 Boxed Set Publisher's Summary

They’re torn between duty and love, passion and power, reputation and regality. In this four-book boxed set, the Royal Agents of M16 destroy the enemy, journey across the globe into perilous situations and steamy encounters, then return to the men and women they love. Take a journey across the globe with this four-book boxed. 

The Duke and the Assassin

An MI6 agent falling for the wrong woman.

A Russian with secrets to hide.

And the passion that defies the rules....

The Lord and the Spy

An MI-5 agent shattering the “forbidden” in love.

Homeland Security’s breaking hearts and taking names.

Reckless and ruthless, the lord and the spy are uncovering more than just secrets….

The Commoner and the Correspondent

A commoner buried in his work.

A correspondent in over her head.

Fiery and furious, they dig deep into the throes of passion.

The Rancher and the Lady

A rancher hellbent on maintaining the status quo.

A lady who detests the elite.

Wild and wanton, opposites attract.

©2023 Heather Slade (P)2023 Heather Slade
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