The Sandman

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When the Los Angeles Times Magazine calls it the “greatest epic in the history of comic books”, expectations for Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman are understandably high. Does Gaiman’s comic book meet them? This is Neil Gaiman we’re talking about here; The Sandman exceeds all expectations and then some.

The Sandman is fantasy and horror blended in that inimitable Gaiman style, a dark take on the characters of DC comic books married with real history, ancient myths and plenty more. The first-ever audiobook adaptation of this New York Times bestseller (presented by Audible and DC Comic Books) features a whole cast of some awe-inspiring voices, from James McAvoy (Morpheus) to Riz Ahmed (the Corinthian) via Kat Dennings (Death), Taron Egerton (John Constantine), Andy Sekis (Matthew the Raven) Michael Sheen (Lucifer) and more. A frankly stunning story told in two acts (not to mention downright terrifying, those Dream Hunters, yikes), The Sandman is Neil Gaiman comic books and graphic novels at their very best.

The Sandman is the story of Lord Morpheus (one of The Endless, alongside Death, Despair, Destiny, Delirium, Destruction and Desire). The Lord of Dreams is dragged from the dream realm he is the personification of into a criminal cult on Earth, an overture to a chain of events that pulls Lucifer, Doctor Destiny and many more into the mix. The Sandman comic sees Neil Gaiman aim for the sanctity of dreams through an incredible storyline blend of styles and circumstances. For some, dreaming never stops. The nightmares are merely the beginning of a bleak dream country for others.

Featuring an original musical score from British Academy Award winner James Hannigan, The Sandman is a revolutionary graphic novel brought to life through the magic of the audiobook. Magic is the operative word, and the many twists and turns of The Sandman series are as magical as it gets. Characters like Gilbert, Raven, The Corinthian, Cain, Abel and more bring life to an already vibrant tale. The greatest epic in the history of comic books? Let the listener judge, but Neil Gaiman’s iconic comic book series makes a compelling argument.

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