The Sati Series

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Ahalya Publisher's Summary

It is known that Ahalya was cursed by her husband, Gautam, for indulging in a physical relationship with Indra. But is there another story to Ahalya's truth? Who was Indra anyway? A king? A lover? A philanderer? The first book of the Sati series, Ahalya hinges on these core questions, narrating the course of her life, from innocence to infidelity.

In the Sati series, Koral Dasgupta explores the lives of the Pancha Kanyas from Indian mythology, all of whom had partners other than their husbands and yet are revered as the most enlightened women, whose purity of mind precedes over the purity of body. The five books of the Sati series reinvent these women and their men, in the modern context with a feminist consciousness.

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    • The Sati Series
    • Written by: Koral Dasgupta
    • Narrated by: Mahjabeen Ali
    • Length: 3 hrs and 54 mins
    • Release date: 2023-02-07
    • Language: English
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