Twelve Cities

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Urban Heroes Publisher's Summary

Revolutions have always questioned what it means to be human, but this one is asking what it means to be a machine....

The creation of the 12 skyward cities did more for mankind than the renaissance of old. With them came a new species created to serve the ideals of the future. To Calista Ridley, an android is an android, just like heroes are little more than fairy tales. She knows the world is far from perfect, and that human nature is not something to be proud of. But she also sees the storm forming on the horizon. As a pilot of Voltza, her past decisions are set to shape the future in a way no one could have predicted. The lines between man and machine are blurring at a rapid pace. Innovation never comes without a price.

©2018 T.J. Lockwood (P)2018 T.J. Lockwood
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