Uncharted Beginnings

3 books in series
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Aboard Providence Publisher's Summary

This is the voyage she’s been waiting for.

But will it lead to the love she desires?

In November 1860, Marian Foster joins a group of Virginia families who are sailing away from America to form a new settlement off the coast of Brazil. As an amateur botanist, Marian eagerly anticipates exploring a new land. During the voyage, her heart is drawn to Jonah Ashton, the ship’s handsome physician.

When family obligation forces Jonah Ashton to escort his family to their new settlement, he plans to return to medical school in Philadelphia immediately. But while sailing, he is beguiled by Marian’s optimistic spirit and finds himself in uncharted waters.

And soon an uncharted land.

The mysterious island is all Marian has ever dreamed of.

Soon, Jonah makes a startling discovery that changes everything, but will it change his heart?

Get swept away on a journey of faith and love in this inspirational story reviewers are calling “a captivating, well-researched, and deftly written tale.”

©2016 Keely Brooke Keith (P)2016 Keely Brooke Keith
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