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Vegas Rich Publisher's Summary

With a heart full of dreams, Sallie Coleman leaves Texas and heads west, determined to get as far as possible from the squalor of her dirt-poor beginnings. With its shifting sands, smoky saloons, and bingo palaces, Las Vegas seems like a paradise - a paradise where an extraordinary twist of fate makes Sallie the most powerful businesswoman in Nevada.

Suddenly she is rich. With the help of Philip Thornton, the handsome Bostonian, Sallie is transformed into Vegas' most elegant first lady. Philip gives her two sons, Simon and Ash. One will bring her great joy, the other, heartbreak.

Enter Fanny Logan...the small-town beauty from Pennsylvania who finds her destiny in Las Vegas, where she creates a multi-million dollar clothing empire and finds happiness and heartbreak as the wife of Ash Thornton, and the daughter Sallie never had.

Complications abound: Ash Thornton's life centers around his greatest triumph - Babylon, the magnificent casino that will lead to his downfall. Simon Thornton's search for meaning takes him to the battlefields of World War II to the trading rooms of Wall Street, and finally back to Nevada where he falls in love with the wife of his rival.

©2008 Fern Michaels (P)2008 Brilliance Audio, Inc.
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