Jurriaan Kamer

Jurriaan Kamer

Jurriaan Kamer is an organization designer, transformation coach, and speaker. He lives with his wife and two kids in Utrecht, The Netherlands. He is an expert in the field of organizing differently. He is obsessed with modern organizations and how you can transform an existing organization. He studied companies like Spotify, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Airbnb to discover how they work. In addition, he has been a fan and visitor of Formula 1 for years. When he was given the opportunity to look behind the scenes of Formula 1, the inspiration for his book Formula X was laid. Jurriaan has written several well-read articles such as ‘How to build your own Spotify model’, ‘Beyond Agile: Why agile has not fixed your problems’ and ‘This company achieves 100% customer satisfaction with 0% managers’. He regularly gives presentations and workshops about his experiences and practical examples to inspire and instill change. Jurriaan is a Partner at The Ready, an organization design and transformation agency focused on the future of work. Through The Ready, he helps leaders free their organizations from the rules, habits, and mindsets that cause delays, making work faster, more agile, more human, and more fun. Feel free to contact Jurriaan via his website (www.jurriaankamer.com). Subscribe to his newsletter (newsletter.jurriaankamer.com) or follow him on Linkedin or Twitter (@jurriaankamer) to receive a stream of interesting articles.
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