Michael Masters

Michael Masters

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In his winding river of a life Mike made many interesting stops along the way to becoming a relationship expert. At 18 he worked on the oil platforms in Long Beach as an underwater welder. In a move to impress the family, he went back to college in premed. Later he finished college with a degree from UC Davis in Nutritional Biochemistry with a minor in Exercise Physiology. Once Mike realized that he had to go to either Med school or get a job he did the most logical thing he could. He ran away to Japan for 7 years. "Never never land" Japan captured Mike's heart. He worked as a kindergarten teacher and a minister (don't ask). There he lived a perpetual 24-year-old's lifestyle. Determined to never grow up didn't quite work out and he found himself back in the US to publish a book he wrote on weight loss. After this failed utterly, Mike started his blog and finally learned how to write. Now Mike churns out books and bums around Asia, pretty much what he has always wanted to do. Mike became a relationship expert strangely enough from his experience as a fitness/life coach. To Mike's surprise all his experience helping people achieve a better existence translated directly to having exceptional relationships. That was many years ago, and now with a ridiculous amount of dating experience and hundreds of thousands of words on his blog helping others, Mike is now truly an expert, something that no formal education can match. You want the blunt truth? Sick of the psycho babble other "experts" lift from Textbooks? You want to stop wasting time? Mike undoubtedly has the solutions for you, all nicely packaged with an icing of hilarity.
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