Richard Mueller

Richard Mueller

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I've been writing television animation, documentaries, drama and comedy since 1983. I also sold several dozen science fiction short stories over the years, which I will be compiling into a few collections. I've completed an adventure novel, NIGHT WORK, and a second book in the series, THE MYSTERIOUS MOUNTAINS. Following high school and a B.A. in Theatre Arts, I served in the U.S. Coast Guard. After the military I used my G.I. Bill to take advanced degrees in writing at Humboldt State University and the University of Iowa Playwright’s Workshop. I was an accomplished stage actor with over 70 roles to my credit when I decided to switch my energy to writing. I came to Hollywood to be a professional writer, first in print science fiction, then in television. I was lucky enough to have two mentors; Ray Bradbury (who advised me to write mysteries--the Glen Gleason Mysteries being the result)and Harlan Ellison. After finally branching out into film, and editorial criticism, I returned to print. I also co-host “the best open mic show in L.A.”, comedy and original music at the Cahuenga General Store. I'm one of those people you see writing in coffee houses, and I actually get things done. I also mentor writers, and have been adopted by a cat and a parrot.
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