Whether you want to speed up, slow down or simply have more fun, listening can help you achieve your health goals

You’ve spent the last 10 hours of your day commuting, working, and then commuting again. You’ve made your meals for the week, done your laundry, cleaned the bathroom and walked the dog. At the end of a busy workday, it can be difficult to turn your energy toward that most important task: your own health.

Whatever health means to you – whether it’s staying physically active, being quietly mindful or learning to have fun throughout your self-improvement regimen – listening can help motivate you and lift your spirits.

We know what a busy day looks like, and we know how tough it can be to take that first, hesitant step onto the treadmill, or that first deep breath into meditation. We also know that it can sometimes feel like a chore to cook healthy meals and keep tidy. In the middle of the chaos, why not tap into some titles to get you motivated — whether you need help ramping up, gearing down or just having a bit of fun.

Listening Can Motivate You to Speed Up

The couch feels like it has a magnetic pull sometimes. Your brain may be telling you to hit the gym, but your body makes a beeline for the comfort of the cushions. This happens because we associate the couch with warmth and entertainment and the gym with demanding work.

But what if you could rewire your brain to view physical fitness as an opportunity for fun? Or, better yet, what if you could just bring the gym into your living room? Listening can help you do both! You can either choose from one of our enthralling titles to help you enjoy your gym time, or listen to one of our many exercise and fitness audiobooks to create your own, at-home routine.

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It Can Help You to Slow Down

The modern world is filled with distractions and stressors. It’s too easy to spend hours either worrying about the future or dreaming of a better one. But what about the present? A significant part of overall wellbeing is not physical, but mental – it’s the ability to slow down, live in the now and get in touch with what makes us human.

For millennia, people have turned to meditation for mental and spiritual empowerment. Recent studies have shown that meditation can help us increase our compassion, be more attentive and become more in touch with our senses. By practicing mindfulness we can learn to accept our thoughts and ourselves and live firmly in the present.

But it’s not as simple as sitting in a quiet room. It takes guidance to really get in the groove of meditation and mindfulness. To get started, try Alice Fraser and Ash Ranpura’s excellent and informative Calm World: Introduction to Meditation. Or check out our wide selection of titles on guided self care activities at Audible.

Listening Gives You the Tools to Become Healthier (And Have Fun While Doing it)

Connecting with a healthier you is a holistic project. Everything from the way you sleep and eat to the way you handle failure informs your overall health and well-being. For most of us, there’s room for improvement somewhere.

You might have six-pack abs but feel like your life lacks spirituality. You might be spiritually satisfied, but you just can’t kick a junk food habit. You might be a healthy eater, but you lack the social and professional self-confidence you desire. Whatever your aspirations, there are self help audiobooks from Audible full of insights that will speak to you directly.

For a powerful dive into personal spirituality, check out Brené Brown’s Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone. For a roadmap to self-confidence and professional success, listen to Stephen R. Covey’s seminal The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

And while on your self-development journey, why not have some fun? Check out the funny and compelling Kick Ass with Mel Robbins, or Gary John Bishop’s no-nonsense Unfu-k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life.

If you're looking to reconnect with the healthy hobbies you might have been neglecting, nothing can empower you and get you back on track like the right motivational listening.

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