Editors' Extra

A free monthly listen that our members love,
chosen by our editors

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Get any audiobook of your choice + the latest Editors' Extra for free.
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What is Editors' Extra?

A free listen that our members love, chosen by our editors for you each month.
And that’s on top of your monthly credit!

Frequently Asked Questions

Each month, we will select a highly-rated title from our catalogue and offer it for free for the month. It’s a great way to explore new genres and authors that our members love.
Each month, we'll select and announce a new title (usually on the first Thursday of the month). Once we announce the latest free listen, you'll have until the end of the month to download the title.
Each month, we'll send an email revealing our latest Editors' Extra. Make sure you're opted-in to our emails and never miss an update.
Once we announce the latest Editors' Extra, it'll be available for CDN$0.00. Just add the title to your cart and check out!
No. We want to make sure the titles in your library are ones that you love, so you'll need to follow the steps above to add the title to your library.
Nope! Like any title you purchase, it's yours to keep.
Sorry, no. Because this is a free listen, it cannot be exchanged for another title or a credit. But with a new title every month, we hope every member will find a title they love.
We don't want to ruin the surprise, but you can be sure that the titles offered as part of the Editors' Extra will be highly rated and span across multiple genres.
The Editors’ Extra is available to all members. So long as you remain a member, on top of your monthly credit, you can also download the Editors’ Extra.

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