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    • The Art of Civilized Conversation

    • A Guide to Expressing Yourself With Style and Grace
    • Auteur(s): Margaret Shepherd, Sharon Hogan
    • Narrateur(s): Donna Postel
    • Durée: 6 h et 12 min
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    In our fast-paced, electronic society, the most basic social interaction - talking face-to-face - can be a challenge for even the most educated and self-assured individuals. And yet making conversation is a highly practical skill: those who do it well shine at networking parties, interviews, and business lunches. Good conversation also opens doors to a happier love life, warmer friendships, and more rewarding time with family.

    • 4 out of 5 stars
    • All about etiquette.

    • Écrit par Richard Galambos, C.E.T. le 2018-10-18

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