Charlie's Requiem

4 livres dans la série
4.5 out of 5 stars 40 évaluations

Charlie's Requiem Description

Charlie and her two companions must find a way out of the big city, or die trying.

Charlie is good at her work. As a hard-charging drug rep with the brains and talent to make it to the top, she has the world at her feet. Then, the lights went out, and everything changed. 

An EMP decimates the United States, leaving the country in the dark. With modern technology suddenly and permanently turned off, society's dark side quickly takes over. Caught on the road, she teams up with two new companions and they fight their way towards safety and freedom. Criminals, gangs, and worse stand between them and the safety of a friend's farm.

©2015 A. American and Walt Browning (P)2020 Podium Audio
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