Divine Dungeon Series

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Every adventurer knows that the best way to get more powerful is to fight your way through the beasts of a dungeon and reap the rewards at the end. But how does the dungeon feel?

No one quite knows where the monsters that inhabit the dungeons or the treasures of weapons, armor, and gold coins really come from. Well, no one except the dungeons, that is.

Cal is a soul, trapped against his will in a stone and forced to act as a Dungeon Core. In order to bring in new sources of power, he uses the help of his will-o-wisp friend, Dani, to grow a dungeon around himself. But many see a dungeon as a challenge, and soon Cal has to fight for his life against a threat he doesn’t fully understand. Unfortunately for adventurers, the only way for Cal to survive is to eat anyone that enters his depths.

Narrator Vikas Adam adds just the right touch of teen drama to the young heroes of the story, bringing Cal and Dani to life. He fills each passage with emotion, so you can’t help but be transported into the life and struggles of a young dungeon. Join the journey into dungeon crawling as you’ve never heard it before.

Dakota Krout, author of the Divine Dungeon series, initially began writing in the same way that many authors do: he loved reading and wanted to create something of his own. When he started building the world of Divine Dungeon, heavily influenced by the elements of fantasy RPGs, Krout was pleasantly surprised to find enough like-minded people to publish his stories. Recognized as “a fantastic example of a dungeon master/core story” on The Geek Bytes podcast, the Divine Dungeon series not only became a best seller - it inspired Krout to start a second series, The Completionist Chronicles.

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