• Taming the Hustle... or Something of the Sorts

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Taming the Hustle... or Something of the Sorts

Written by: Taming the Hustle
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  • Welcome to Taming the Hustle... or Something of the Sorts! A podcast where all the magic happens, hosted by Certified Financial Planner René Boudreault and the Marketing and Advertising Guru Darryl Boulley.

    These two are the ultimate tag team, dishing out a hot and spicy blend of financial guidance, killer advertising and marketing tips, genius business ideas, and a whole lot of laughs and real-life advice. 

    But wait, there's more! These guys are hilarious and relatable AF, sharing cringe-worthy tales and LOL moments. So get ready to learn, laugh, and slay your hustle with Taming the Hustle... or Something of the Sorts.

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  • Unlock the Power of Your Credit Cards and Captivate Your Social Media Audience
    May 30 2023

    Whether you're looking to maximize your credit cards, boost your social media game, or just enjoy some lighthearted insight and financial banter, this episode is guaranteed to pay off. First, René unveils the secret to outsmarting your credit cards, flipping the tables, and filling your pockets. Meanwhile, Darryl swoops in with a toolbox full of expert tips on connecting with your social media audience, helping you grow and level up your online presence like a pro. But wait, there's more! Get ready for some serious daydreaming as guys dive headfirst into the world of lottery dreams, imagining what they'd do if they hit the jackpot, and they ponder the burning question: Can you really live off the interest? Brace yourselves for some mind-bending calculations and outrageous hypothetical scenarios... Just remember, laughter is still the best currency! So click play now - your ears will thank you!

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    35 mins
  • Making Sense of TFSA and RRSP - Plus Mastering the Art of Creating Ads
    May 16 2023

    Wondering if you're on the right path? We have all the answers you need in this info-packed episode! Get ready for a financial knowledge boost as René unravels the mystery of RRSPs and TFSAs, debunking common misconceptions along the way. Then prepare to unleash your marketing mojo as Darryl shares the inside scoop on creating ads that will skyrocket your business! Finally, brace yourself for a raw and relatable chat as the guys open up about developing anxiety... It's time for some real talk. Oh, and prepare to giggle as Darryl unveils the ultimate truth of the front-facing camera angle for Rene! This episode is jam-packed with wisdom, laughs, and unexpected revelations. You might want to hit that play button now! 

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    23 mins
  • Asset Location and Outsourcing Your Marketing
    May 2 2023

    If you ever wanted to be James Bond, now's your chance. René's got the 411 on Asset Location and why this secret sauce in your financial plan could save you some serious dough! Then, Darryl dishes on outsourcing your marketing - when to do it, how to do it, and how it can help you save that hard-earned cash. But wait, there's more! The guys wrap things up with a heart-to-heart on making a difference in the world. And don't worry, Darryl's still as youthful as ever... or so he claims with his 80s slang... as if! All this and more, so tune in! 

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    29 mins

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