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  • Amplify Your Success is the only podcast for coaches, consultants, course creators and experts that integrates practical and proven business strategy along with mindset, motivation and energetic tools to amplify impact, income and influence. If you are looking to shatter your earning limits while making a massive impact with your business superpowers, tune in to hear 22 year business veteran Melanie Benson host power-packed conversations with other business industry leaders. Discover more tools and resources at
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  • Episode 387: 5 Powerhouse Podcasters Reveal How to Secure Top Podcast Appearances
    May 13 2024

    With the rise in popularity of podcast guesting and booking services, my peers who host podcast hosts (and myself) experience a unique challenge – receiving hundreds of unqualified and unsolicited pitches to be on our show each week.

    Standing out and capturing the attention of podcast hosts becomes a daunting challenge, not to mention actually getting booked! With the ratio of guests to popular shows being 17:1, and limited booking spots as most shows only publish once a week, there has never been a more important time to learn how to pitch the shows you want to be featured on.

    Recently I invited several of my podcaster friends to a special pitch session for my Million-Dollar Authority Mastermind, and I kicked off the session with a panel discussion on what gets someone booked these days.

    On Amplify Your Success Podcast 387, I share this conversation with five powerhouse podcasters as they reveal the key factors to securing an interview on their shows and making a lasting impression on your audience.

    You’ll meet show hosts Tiphany Kane, Tanya Smith, Samantha Riley, Shay Wheat, and Tish Times. These podcasting women share invaluable expert advice on how to elevate your podcast appearance game. From the importance of authenticity, storytelling, and vulnerability to the significance of professional preparation and engaging storytelling, this episode offers a treasure trove of knowledge to help you unlock the secrets of securing top podcast appearances and making a powerful impact on your audience.

    Don't miss out on this game-changing episode as these powerhouse podcasters unlock the secrets to getting booked (and be sure to binge their shows too!)

    Key Takeaways:

    00:47 Melanie explains how this panel discussion sheds light on getting booked on top shows

    04:55 Podcast hosts introduce themselves and what their podcast is about.

    07:52 Sharing mistakes has the potential to become a bingeable, powerful episode.

    13:19 Panelists explore what gets a guest booked, and what turns them off to a guest coming on their show.

    15:35 Focus on audience first, compelling, clear framework.

    17:12 What happens when a podcast episode gives you a burst of energy.

    22:09 When video is also valuable in podcast interviews.

    24:26 The group emphasized the power of personal connections in collaboration.

    29:20 Why some of the best episodes are engaging with clear, concise stories.

    31:04 Vulnerability and authenticity can be transformational when delivered on a show.

    34:15 How to stand out and create magic through a unique framework and energy.

    Resources Mentioned
    • Apply For The Million-Dollar Authority Mastermind

    • Enroll In The $100k Authority Accelerator

    • Download the guide and scorecard 17 Mistakes Guest Experts Make That Cost Them the Lead & Client
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    36 mins
  • Episode 386: 5 Insights To Getting Your Message On Top Podcasts
    May 6 2024

    Do you find yourself struggling to land spots on the top podcasts in your industry? What if I told you that there's a way to elevate your visibility game and get invited to speak and be a guest on podcasts without having to pitch your way in?

    In episode 386 of Amplify Your Success, I'll take you behind the scenes of my visibility strategy, where I've been consistently landing 3 to 5 podcast guest spots each month on high-profile podcasts. I'll share the secret sauce that has revolutionized the way I approach visibility and snag top podcast guest spots.

    This strategy has shifted the way I approach getting booked, and allows me to stay in front of new audiences 24/7, 365 days a year.

    Tune in as I decode the strategies that have helped me flip the script on pitching and receive countless invitations to feature on top shows. Plus, I'll reveal the five key insights I use to curate my guest lists, making it a must-listen for everyone who pitches my show or aims to make a big splash in the podcast guest space.

    Key Takeaways:

    01:52 What top podcasters look for from a guest pitch.

    04:20 The most important ingredient in your pitch (and why it can make or break your getting booked.)

    07:18 A common complaint among hosts (and why many won’t consider a guest pitch, unless you do this one thing.)

    09:16 The visibility advantage of building your social media presence when trying to land high profile shows.

    11:54 Importance of social media credibility for pitching.

    16:24 Show how to be a great guest.

    18:58 Ask for referrals, stand out, be aligned.

    Resources Mentioned in This Episode:
    • Tap into Million-Dollar visibility streams with my proven 7 step framework.

    • Avoid the 17 biggest mistakes as a guest expert that costs you leads and clients with my Scorecard & Guide

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    22 mins
  • Episode 385: Sculpt Your Success Mindset With Paul Hoffman
    Apr 29 2024

    Have you ever felt like there's an invisible force holding you back from achieving your full potential, especially in your business endeavors?

    When it comes to unlocking your success, the key might lie in sculpting your success mindset. The thoughts that cross your mind and habits you have are significant contributors to what you believe is possible in your life.

    In episode 385 of the Amplify Your Success podcast, we dive deep into unleashing your unique brilliance with Paul Hoffman, known for helping people activate their superpowers. Our conversation will help you uncover and overcome the deceptive mind traps that sabotage your efforts and achievements. We explore how to shift from scarcity to abundance thinking and learn how to "sculpt" new, empowering beliefs. With actionable techniques and candid personal stories, this episode offers invaluable insights into understanding and owning your unique frequency as the path to living your true potential.

    Key Takeaways:

    03:16 Paul reveals his background as a music producer and a key moment in personal development with T. Harv Ecker shifted his career.

    06:30 The importance of uncovering your unique superpowers.

    11:47 Overcoming life-long conditioning and scarcity for a mindset of abundance.

    16:05 The number one barrier to your success is in how you see your time availability.

    19:23 Your supermind and the recognizing the impact of resistance in using it.

    25:04 What to do with the “noise” that life generates so it doesn’t derail you.

    28:55 Combat excuses by taking responsibility for actions.

    32:29 How to use "Sculptations: brain technology, meditation, and tuning in.

    Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

    • Access Paul’s FREE Gift: 2 Free Sculptations Tuning In Success Appetizers -

    • Download Melanie’s Million-Dollar Visibility Framework

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    41 mins

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