• #68: Are you living an "AND" life?
    Feb 27 2024

    Ah the age old myth...... You can either be a successful entrepreneur OR a great parent. You can run your own business OR..

    It's time to realize that YOU CAN be a successful entrepreneur AND a great parent AND volunteer AND take holidays AND have 3 dogs AND practice yoga 3x a week AND.

    You catch my drift.

    The first step to living an "AND" life is setting boundaries. Easier than it sounds?

    Well listen up!

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  • #67: Annette Jalbert-When burnout hits a Counselling Psychologist
    Feb 20 2024

    Annette Jalbert- Deliberately Designed Life

    I am a woman on a mission to show and mentor other women into believing and experiencing their very own  Deliberately Designed Life (#ddl for short). I have been a HIGH ACHIEVER for a long time now and I wore that as a BADGE of HONOUR! That was until I grappled the depths of BURNOUT and wowza what a journey that was to recover from!

    And listen up I am a trained professional, I have a masters in Counselling Psychology and MISSED the signs! I made up all of the excuses because success came with BUSYness! After a two year battle of recovery I can now see that there is an opportunity for a different life. I am still what I would call a "high achiever" but I now know that my SELF~CARE is up to me and not falling into the Hustle Culture (as you so beautifully put it) is a choice I have! To tell you I am 100% in balance or flow would be a lie... I still do at times have a slow dance with the symptoms of burnout BUT I see them coming and know exactly the measures to let them go!  

    Listen if you want to have a chat or connect I really want you to reach out. 


    Annette Jalbert DDL (IG)annetteannejalbert@gmail.com

    Please do not dance alone I am here for YOU! 


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  • #66: Sarai Speer a WILD story!
    Feb 13 2024

    Sarai Speer has triumphed over homelessness, a 28-year battle with eating disorders, and drug and alcohol addiction. Renowned for her stunning color corrections and engaging social media presence, she inspires hairstylists worldwide, having been featured in Cosmo, Sephora, The Today Show, Allure, Modern Salon, and more.

    From her journey of losing everything to now heading a 7-figure business, Sarai openly shares her struggles. Whether exploring her free content or participating in her in-person/online classes & community, Sarai encourages you to step beyond your comfort zone, discover your "why," and show you how to embrace your best, most authentic self.

    Through her in-person workshops and her online community, Balanced Stylist Society, boasting over 1100 members, Sarai has empowered hairstylists for years, combining expert hair techniques with invaluable mental health coaching. 

    Presently, Sarai extends her empowerment beyond hairstylists, guiding individuals to overcome self-imposed obstacles with her personal growth ebook, shadow work journal & ebook, and imposter syndrome guidebook. Her commitment to helping everyone break free from their limitations underscores her mission to inspire personal transformation and resilience.

    Links:  links (platinumgiraffe.com)


    thehchc instagram

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  • #65: Just Fkn Ask!!
    Feb 6 2024

    Big asks are on my radar for 2024. What I mean by that is I have committed to asking for what I want!. No matter how big or small!!

    I am starting by asking some of my favourite people I follow on IG.  Their community is HUGE, their message is STRONG and I want to connect with them. Now get your ass out there and go get what you want!!!!

    IG  @thehustleculturehaterclub


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  • #64: Dr Shannyn Pearce
    Jan 30 2024

    Doctor of Chiropractic and Functional Medicine Practitioner, Holistic Health Advocate and nationally known speaker and educator, Dr Shannyn is on a mission to change women’s healthcare through proper testing, stress management, and individualized health plans. Ever since she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at a young age, she's been on a  quest to find non-medical answers to common health issues.

    Dr Shannyn is married to her best friend Dr. Justin Pearce, has 2 kids and a thriving virtual wellness practice.  In the process of building this amazing life Dr Shannyn experienced something a lot of women face... a major health crisis.  It was from her own health journey that she developed the Journey to Wellness Plan that has helped thousands of women find their root cause answers and create vibrant health, that LASTS! 

    Links to testing with discounts and free test read appt:

    Stool sample:






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  • #63: SwapCast, That time I was a guest on The Mental Mastery Alliance Podcast
    Jan 24 2024

    We went in on it here. Every topic from Breast implant removal to gold and silver, proper investments, taxation, theft and general global chaos.

    This was a great show with great people. Sitting on the other side of the interview table is always fun.



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  • #62: Fk New Years Resolutions
    Jan 16 2024

    I gave up New Year's resolutions years ago. I mean, is it even the new year??  I am standing up for relaxation, realizations and revitalizing!!!

    Nightly brain dumps.

    Top 3 priority list.

    Focus not pocus.

    Have a listen and find out what can help you move through the distractions and expectations society throws at us!

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    The Hustle Culture Hater Club

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  • #61: The only bath I like is a sound bath- Guest Darren Welsh from 8th Chakra YXE
    Jan 9 2024

    Today I am speaking with  Darren Welsh,  Reiki Level 2 & Sound Bath practitioner, who has a passion for combining the energy of reiki, and the healing vibrations of crystal singing bowls. Darren began playing crystal singing bowls over 6 years ago after discovering sound baths on his healing journey. Darren decided 2 years ago that he wanted to share the healing sounds from crystal singing bowls, and began 8th Chakra YXE. For Darren, sound baths have allowed him to go deeper into meditation, connect with himself, and move him along his healing journey.  Darren now shares his gifts with the world, teaching others to "get into their body" and feel their own healing Darren resides in Saskatoon,Sk with his partner Adam, and their 2 dogs, Charlie and Laisey. IG-@8thchakrayxe www.8thchakrayxe.com/

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