Anne of Green Gables

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Follow the adventures of irrepressible orphan Anne Shirley in L. M. Montgomery’s classic series about an unconventional family and small town life on Prince Edward Island.

Anne Shirley is a surprise for her new family - the middle-aged Cuthbert siblings, Matthew and Marilla, were expecting a boy to help with chores on Green Gables, their farm in Canada’s Maritime Provinces. Yet, through her charming imagination and talkative nature, Anne wins their hearts, going on to help around the farm, make friends throughout town, and excel in the local school. Enchanting descriptions of the locale, residents, and unique experiences will transport listeners to Anne’s rural life at the turn of the century. Written more than 100 years ago, Anne of Green Gables features a fictional setting inspired by real-world locations on Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

With a tale as classic as Anne of Green Gables, listeners have their choice from an impressive list of narrators, including actress Rachel McAdams (a native Canadian). Each new voice brings a slightly different spin to Anne’s plucky personality and Montgomery’s heartwarming tales.

As a young girl, Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote notes on the idea of a couple receiving a young orphan girl instead of a boy. These eventually blossomed into a novel, with plenty of inspiration from Montgomery’s own childhood in rural Prince Edward Island. A photograph of Evelyn Nesbit, hanging on her bedroom wall, provided the author with her inspiration for Anne’s appearance and youthful spirit.

The phenomenon of Anne of Green Gables has grown ever since the debut novel’s 1908 release. Montgomery continued the series with numerous sequels, with further books published even after her death. Anne’s story of resilience and hope is still taught to students around the world and continues to inspire screen, stage, and TV adaptations.

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