Lucas Davenport

37 books in series
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Luke Davenport is a classic midwest cop: unpolished, straight-shooting, and not afraid to do what it takes to get the job done. Follow him as he solves murders, takes down crime lords, and uncovers the mysteries of the crime world. A rough yet loveable hero, John Sandford carries 30+ titles in this impressive crime thriller series.

Jump into New York Times best-selling author John Sandford‘s wildly popular range of Midwest themed cop stories: The Lucas Davenport series. Sandford brings the Minnesota twang in Davenport - a hometown hero who is not adverse to bending the rules when needed. Tough and straight shooting, yet surprisingly sophisticated, he is the perfect character to carry this many-titled series. Listeners of a variety of backgrounds can connect with and relate to Davenport, whether they are from Minneapolis or not. He deals with a wide rang of crimes, serial killers, murder mysteries, drug deals, bent cops, and criminals of all shapes and sizes throughout this series that contains over 30 novels.

The Lucas Davenport novels are classic 90s cop thrillers, with all the hallmarks of the genre. Fast paced, action-filled listens, they are bingeable audiobooks that are great for commutes, listening around the house, or some immersive down time. For those that love murder mysteries, cop dramas this series of novels (sometimes called the Prey series or Prey novels) is a great option.

Richard Ferrone lends his voice to all the Audible audiobook versions, which adds a level of consistency and familiarity to the stories. Not only is your favourite cop a staple throughout, but it is the same seasoned voice delivering the story. Ferrone‘s gravelly tone is an ideal match for the rough-around the edges Davenport, and he brings the right combination of edge and heart to the reading. Follow along in these non-stop crime thrillers that have everything you could hope for in a classic cop story. With so many titles to choose from, starting with Rules of Prey and continuing to major hits like Buried Prey, Extreme Prey, Ocean Prey, and Field of Prey. The Prey audiobooks are the perfect choice for anyone looking for their next audiobook obsession, and a must-add to any audiobook list.

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