The Mistborn Saga

9 books in series
5 out of 5 stars 8,254 ratings


The word epic is used a lot, but never more fittingly than for this impressive fantasy series by much-loved author Brandon Sanderson. The Mistborn Trilogy is a fantastic series of wondrous settings, impressive heroes, and great battles all wrapped into one. An absolute can’t miss for any fantasy or science fiction fan.

You may already know Brandon Sanderson from such series as the Stormlight Archives, The Way of Kings, Elantris, and the Wheel of Time, but you cannot miss the classic that is: The Mistborn Saga. The story takes place in a world called the Final Empire (also the title of the first book), which immediately sets the stage for the epic adventure that is to follow. It is a land overflowing with tyranny, inequality, and evil. A Dark Lord ruler dictates, and citizens live as slaves or peasants, scraping a meagre living under almost unbearable conditions. However, talk starts to spread of someone who will rise up from the ranks and spark the revolution. The hero of ages will turn the tides of fate and bring hope back to the people.

An epic fantasy full of magic and politics, the Mistborn series is an impressive fantasy series that has captured the hearts and minds of so many fans. The main character, Elend Venture, is someone listeners want to stand behind and support, while the storyline is full of adventure, wonder, magic and impressive worldbuilding that offers a true escape into another world. Author Brandon Sanderson carefully crafts a world in which he drops his many characters and storylines, creating an all-encompassing and immersive experience. Add to that the narrative talents of Michael Kramer, and you have an audiobook experience that is almost impossible to stop listening to.

Action-packed and magical, this fantasy novel is just the beginning of a great saga spanning seven sequels, starting with Mistborn: The Final Empire. Don’t miss this story of dark talents, magic systems, and heroes that will sweep you up on a journey like no other. Add to your listeners audiobook list today.

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