Red Rising

6 books in series
4.5 out of 5 stars 8,819 ratings


Life as a Red on Mars is far from easy, but Darrow has it harder than most. Scraping out an existence on the lowest rung of a dystopian society, Darrow soon realizes that his work for the surface generations has been part of a much bigger lie, and a longing for justice sets in.

Pierce Brown's Red Rising series has long been held up as one of the finest dystopian sagas of our time, and a devoted audience of listeners will be enraptured as narrator Tim Gerard Reynolds fills the stories with life. A spectacular adventure for the survival of future generations is at the heart of this tale, as Darrow finds himself masquerading as a member of the dominant Gold Caste. Can Darrow survive and save his kind in the process?

Brown's ability to create coherent emotions across vast cities makes for a tremendous tale of a civilization that has lost its way through incredible advancement. Can a sixteen-year-old change the course of history and avenge his lost love amongst the overpowering elite? Red Rising is a struggle for power and a testament to the determination and strength of the downtrodden.

Tim Gerard Reynolds is a revelation as narrator, putting in an energetic performance that carries this thrilling story to new heights. Listeners of this audiobook will be gripped by Darrow's journey from the lowest caste of society to the decadent ruling class, from his harrowing and unpausable time infiltrating the Institute to his inevitable rise to engrossing infamy. Changing the course of history is a tough task for anyone, but for a sixteen-year-old kid from the lowest caste in a violent dystopian society? A tall order, but Darrow is no ordinary individual.  

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