Star Wars: Thrawn

3 books in series
4.5 out of 5 stars 3,210 ratings


Discover the origins of one of the most enigmatic and compelling villains in the Star Wars galaxy: Grand Admiral Thrawn. 

Grand Admiral Thrawn was first introduced as the villain in Timothy Zahn's 1991 Thrawn trilogy. This fan-favorite antihero takes center stage in a second epic trilogy from Zahn, devoted to exploring his past.  

In Book One, Thrawn, we learn about the warrior's origin story, from the time he was found on an Outer Rim planet and joined the Imperial navy to his meteoric rise to power. In Book Two, Thrawn: Alliances, Thrawn and Darth Vader are sent out to seek the source of a disturbance in the Force and report back to Emperor Palpatine, but both villains find their loyalties tested in unexpected ways. In Book Three, Thrawn: Treasons, the Big Bad grapples with his purpose and questions his ability to do evil as he confronts the emergence of the Death Star, a weapon with the power to destroy entire planets in a single blast.  

These novels begin before the events of A New Hope and therefore, are considered part of the Star Wars Canon. You don’t need to have listened to the first trilogy, part of the Legends cycle, to enjoy the second trilogy—though Zahn throws in a few Easter eggs for longtime Thrawn fans to find.  

Each audiobook is narrated by Marc Thompson, a familiar voice to faithful Star Wars listeners for his work on numerous audiobooks set in the galaxy, including the first Thrawn trilogy. Zahn continues the saga of Thrawn in a third trilogy, Star Wars: The Ascendancy Trilogy, which Thompson also narrates.  

Timothy Zahn is a New York Times best-selling and Hugo Award-winning author of more than 30 works of science fiction and fantasy. In addition to his trio of Thrawn trilogies and other Star Wars novels, he is the author of the Chronicle of the Sibyl’s War trilogy and the Dragonback series.    

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