Kelly LeVeque

Kelly LeVeque

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Kelly LeVeque is a holistic nutritionist, wellness expert, celebrity health coach, and the best-selling author of Body Love and Body Love Every Day. Her deep desire to help her clients, her passion for human nutrition, and her curiosity about how and why the body works drive Kelly to diligently study the latest research, evaluate competing theories and use this information to make individualized recommendations for her clients. Most importantly, Kelly’s practical and always optimistic approach to nutrition and wellness helps her readers improve their health, achieve their goals, and develop sustainable habits to live healthy and balanced lives. An approach that works for Hollywoods elite including some of Kelly's notable and long time celebrity clientele like Jennifer Garner, Busy Philipps, Emmy Rossum, Chelsea Handler and Jessica Alba. Kelly’s website serves as a resource for her readers to find the latest research and rationale behind important nutrition principles, as well as delicious recipes and recommended products to fuel them well. In 2020, she launched the Be Well By Kelly Podcast to further provide listeners with her nutrition and wellness wisdom, and to introduce them to other health professionals with a wide array of experience and insights. With the desire to provide her coaching expertise to the public, Kelly developed the Fab Four Fundamentals course, in which she simplifies the science of nutrition and empowers participants to confidently take charge of their health. Additionally, Kelly released the Be Well Fab Four Protein Powder to round out the Body Love toolkit. This protein powder harnesses the power and benefits of simple yet wholesome protein and can easily be used in one of Kelly’s favorite tools, the #fab4smoothie. Through all of these resources, Kelly seeks to provide women with the tools they need to transform their health and their lives through nourishing whole foods and body loving practices.
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Best Sellers

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    • Live in Balance, Weigh What You Want, and Free Yourself from Food Drama Forever
    • Written by: Kelly LeVeque
    • Narrated by: Kelly LeVeque, Erin Bennett
    • Length: 5 hrs and 18 mins
    • Release date: 2017-06-27
    • Language: English
    • 4.5 out of 5 stars 78 ratings

    Price: $31.44 or 1 Credit

    Sale price: $31.44 or 1 Credit

    • Choose Your Life-Changing 21-Day Path to Food Freedom!
    • Written by: Kelly LeVeque
    • Narrated by: Kelly LeVeque
    • Length: 8 hrs and 24 mins
    • Release date: 2019-12-30
    • Language: English
    • 4.5 out of 5 stars 4 ratings

    Price: $35.73 or 1 Credit

    Sale price: $35.73 or 1 Credit