2022 has brought a new collection of incredible audiobooks ready to push the medium to the next level. The marriage of incredible writing and thrilling narration is a wonderful experience perfect for storytelling or riveting tales. All genres work in audiobook format, be they short stories, epic novels, self-help memoirs, novellas, or informative non-fiction. Whether you are looking for favourite classics, Pulitzer prize winners or the latest up-and-coming authors, there are so many great stories to choose from. And you can enjoy incredible audio performances from a cavalcade of icons from Stephen Fry to Cassandra Campbell. The audiobook revolution is well and truly underway. Here is our list of the best audiobooks of 2022, from hot hits to hidden gems.

Atlas of the Heart

The title of this non-fiction audiobook gives you a good idea of what to expect, and the ideas bestseller Brené Brown puts forth in Atlas of the Heart are very much of the human kind. Maybe that should be humankind because the self-help wizard has once again taken a chisel to the human heart in order to mold something truly beautiful, not to mention actionable. There’s no such thing as too much improvement, after all, and Brown’s work frequently hits the spot when it comes to navigating the stressful world around us.

Narrated by Brown herself, Atlas of the Heart is a journey through many of the emotions and experiences that make human beings stand out from the rest of the animal kingdom, from the language of the mind to the language of the heart and beyond. The use of the word ‘atlas’ in the title isn’t a coincidence, and this gorgeous audiobook will help create a deeper world of understanding through courage and conviction. An absolute must-listen.

The Maid

It doesn’t take much to disrupt a quiet life. Molly Gray is doing a great job of getting on with things, committed to her task of keeping the Regency Grand Hotel in tip-top condition, but the untimely death of the hotel’s owner thrusts her into a spotlight that she has no desire for. The maid didn’t kill the owner, surely? This thrilling international bestseller from Nita Prose (fabulously narrated by Lauren Ambrose) has been engaging and entertaining listeners from the moment it was released, and it isn’t difficult to understand why.

The audiobook world is filled with thrillers, so how to stand out from the pack? Fill your story with charm, character, suspense, comedy, and more than a healthy splash of ridiculousness, that’s how. Nita Prose has done that and more with The Maid, one of the best books turned audiobooks of 2022, a thrill-a-minute listen that will have listeners begging for a follow-up.

House of Sky and Breath

Could the second installment of the Crescent City saga live up to the genre-bending magic of the first? What sort of question is that, disbeliever! House of Sky and Breath picks up where House of Earth and Blood left off, with a city recovering from serious upheaval and not entirely sure in which direction to turn. Sarah J. Maas has achieved something seriously impressive with Crescent City, namely putting SciFi in a modern context, free of the usual medieval trappings or excessively futuristic crutches.

Does it work as an audiobook? Again with the silly questions! Few genres translate as well into audio form like fantasy, and House of Sky and Breath is another tremendous listen to add to the collection. Elizabeth Evans is a revelation as narrator, imbuing the lives of Bryce Quinlan, Hunt Athalar, and all the rest with the tension required when discussing the very future of existence. House of Sky and Breath is a tremendous audiobook. Bring on book three.

How to Be Perfect

One of the best audiobooks to hit the digital shelves in at least forever, How to Be Perfect: The Correct Answer to Every Moral Question is a joyous non-fiction listen designed to guide the world to a better place, or at least a slightly less unethical one. What else would you expect from the creator of The Good Place and one of the incredible minds behind the award-winning series Parks and Recreation? You’d expect excellence, of course, and that is exactly what you get with this non-fiction audiobook.

What’s more, you get a full cast of fantastic voices to shepherd you along the road to moral perfection. Michael Schur, Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, Jameela Jamil and Manny Jacinto are just some of the notable voices that light this audiobook up, a must-listen piece of work that manages to make the listener a better person in real life while providing a darn good time along the way. What more could anyone want from non-fiction? How to Be Perfect is one of the best audiobooks out there right now, the sort of audiobook that demands a spin-off podcast, pronto.

Stolen Focus

Struggling to pay attention? It isn’t entirely surprising. The world is filled with distractions, from the constant beeping of smartphones to a cavalcade of advertisements that are impossible to avoid. It has never been more important to find a way to block the noise out and think deeply, which makes this fascinating and curious audiobook by Johann Hari all the more vital. Stolen Focus is the result of thousands of air miles and hours of interviews with experts in the field, as Glasgow-born Hari scoured the globe in search of an antidote to distraction.

One of the great audiobooks of the year, Stolen Focus explains the perils faced by everyone from children to teens to adults and creates an inspirational story along the way, providing real-life advice that is as actionable as it is thoughtful. Hari excels as an audiobook narrator, bringing the credibility required to fill out the science with humanity and care. With not a shred of irony in sight, Stolen Focus is the sort of audiobook that can’t be stopped once it starts.

Reminders of Him

You know what you’re going to get from New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover, namely genre-defining fiction perfect for book clubs and road trips alike. Reminders of Him is no different, the story of a young individual looking to get their life back on track after time served in prison. Relationships need to be built and relationships need to be repaired, but the threat of everything falling apart is never far away. Hoover is a generational writer, and Reminders of Him is another piece of magic to add to the ledger.

Unsurprisingly, the audio version of this thrilling novel is every bit the equal of the original, brilliantly narrated by Brittany Pressley and Ryan West. The voices add a new layer of fragility to a story of trauma, fear, hope, and change. Reminders of Him is an audiobook that sucks the listener in and refuses to let go, a must-read turned must-listen. Just a must, in all shapes and forms.

Love Unfu*ked

The New York Times bestselling author of Unfu∗k Yourself has done it again, although this time it is the sticky subject of love that is in Gary John Bishop’s crosshairs. Love Unfu∗ked takes a sledgehammer to the wishy-washy way in which people often approach talking about their relationships, leading to a no holds barred listen that will impact real-life now and in the future. Bishop is a weaver of inspirational stories like no other, although the inspirational story in question can often feel as much like a fist to the chin as an arm around the heart. That’s what best friends are for though, right?

The world is full of bad relationship advice, and Love Unfu∗ked has had enough of the flowery nonsense. This is a warts and all approach to what it means to be in love, how to make it work, how to get over the ones that didn’t work, and how to make sure that the same mistakes don’t get made over and over again in the future. You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to work out the secret to a genuine relationship, you just need to have a long hard look at yourself with honesty at hand. As unflinching a narrator as he is a writer, Gary John Bishop is here to show you how.

Enough Already

It might look like Valerie Bertinelli has it all, but underneath the calm and confident exterior of an award-winning actress with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a human being furiously paddling for all she is worth. The self is often the biggest obstacle, and Enough Already: Learning to Love the Way I Am Today is a deep dive into the difficult world of self-love told by one of the most inspiring figures in modern pop culture. Bertinelli takes on the task of audiobook narrator like a professional, adding an extra sense of poignancy to a coming of age inspirational story that will speak to listeners all around the world.

Never assume. This is a lesson that people are taught from a young age but it takes time to settle in, and assuming that the world is set up for success is a sure-fire way to misinterpret what is going on behind the glitz and glamour. That isn’t to say that Enough Already is a down in the dumps audiobook, far from it, as Bertinelli conjures up the courage to see herself and the world around her in a thrillingly honest light. Real-life lessons are to be learnt here, from an iconic 21st-century figure.

The Betrayal of Anne Frank

Written by Rosemary Sullivan and authoritatively narrated by Julia Whelan, The Betrayal of Anne Frank opens the book on one of World War II’s most famous stories. Anne Frank’s famous diary has been read by millions of people all around the world, but the circumstances that led to the betrayal of her family have remained relatively murky in the decades since. Who was responsible for giving them up? Why? How? There are a lot of questions, and many of the answers are found in this thorough piece of investigative work.

The subject matter here is extremely sensitive, but the combination of Sullivan’s credible journalism and Julia Whelan’s expert narration make for an audiobook that everyone should hear. Many of the stories that came out of the Holocaust boggle the mind, and the courage of Anne Frank and her family has not been forgotten. In The Betrayal of Anne Frank, Rosemary Sullivan and Julia Whelan lift the lid on the final days of a family that wanted nothing more than to survive.

The Nineties

Remember the Nineties? No? Okay, try for a moment. Grunge? The end of the Cold War? Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock in every movie? J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter series taking over pop culture, Amazon taking over shopping? If the decade of slacker culture and phone books comes rose-tinged with darling nostalgia, Chuck Klosterman’s The Nineties is right up your street. Klosterman’s previous works have taken a magnified look at the wonderful world of pop culture, but The Nineties is a different prospect altogether. In many ways, the 21st century is a product of all that happened in the final decade of the previous millennium.

What’s more, The Nineties is an absolute riot as an audiobook. Klosterman proves himself once again to be a more than capable audiobook narrator, ably assisted by Dion Graham, as everything from the comparative importance of The Berlin Wall and ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ to the staggering statistics behind Seinfeld. The nineties changed the world, and we’re not entirely sure how to process that. Luckily for listeners, Chuck Klosterman is on hand to help out.

Happy Days

The international mental health epidemic can no longer be denied. More and more people are struggling with anxiety on a daily basis and find themselves crippled by all of the emotional heaviness and trauma it creates. We live in a time of unprecedented freedom and ambition, yet the internal dialogue within many creates a societal paralysis that in turn creates a vicious cycle of frustration. It doesn’t make for pleasant reading.

But what if there was a different way around it all? New York Times bestseller Gabrielle Bernstein is on hand with a helping hand over the heart, and Happy Days is a gorgeously curated audiobook that focuses on exactly what the title suggests, namely happy days over sad ones. A much-loved spiritual teacher and inspirational speaker, Bernstein puts all of her expertise into this work, charting a course out of the choppy waters of anxiety into the peaceful seas of, well, peace.


What an incredible story. What other way to start? Isabel Allende is one of the planet’s greatest storytellers and Violeta is another thrilling string to add to a bow of literary magnificence. Too flowery? This is Isabel Allende we’re talking about here, nothing is too much.

The story of Violeta del Valle was one of the most anticipated audiobooks of 2022, and for good reason. Mexican actress Yareli Arizmendi does an absolutely sparkling job as narrator, filling the tender story with grace and character from the first second to the last, a minute short of 12 hours later. The minutes fly by, much like the years of Violeta’s life, told in a heart-wrenching letter to a great love. Violeta’s century was one of incredible upheaval and the titular character faces it all with humour and fortitude that makes this an inspirational story for the modern age. Then again, what else would you expect from Isabel Allende?

Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?

It is a question that most people have asked rhetorically more often than they might like to admit. Why has nobody told you this before? Life is full of seemingly simple reasons and resolutions for infuriating problems, but is that true of the emotional problems that plague people on a day-to-day basis? Julie Smith certainly thinks so, and she’s put together the practice to prove it correct.

Of course, this isn’t a 2+2 one-size-fits-all solution to everything, but the inner workings of the mind don’t necessarily need to be as complex as they may seem. Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? is an audiobook filled with expert advice and actionable coping strategies that can be put into practice daily. Julie Smith takes care of the narration herself, sounding for all the world like an old friend who just so happens to know a heck of a lot about the weird and wonderful human brain.

Under Construction

Chrishell Stause is not your ordinary modern starlet. The star of Netflix reality show Selling Sunset, Stause’s upbringing was markedly different from the norm, from life in small-town Kentucky to battles with homelessness and family addiction. It hasn’t been easy for the star, but it is the struggle that makes the success that much sweeter. Under Construction is a heartfelt memoir with a difference, a chance for the Netflix star to tell her story with no punches pulled. It is, quite frankly, a magnificent listen.

Stause narrates the audiobook herself with confidence and charm, although what else are we to expect from one of the most envied luxury realtors in Los Angeles? It is a world away from a childhood in Draffenville, Kentucky, that’s for sure. Under Construction is a must-listen, whether you are a fan or not, and there are nuggets of wisdom sprinkled throughout from beginning to end.

The Summer Proposal

A change of pace from inspirational memoirs and investigative forays into the mind, but we all need a little bit of passion from time to time. The Summer Proposal offers that in spades, another excellent creation from New York Times bestseller Vi Keeland, thrillingly narrated by Sebastian York and Andi Arndt. Max Yearwood saunters in this world as a pseudo-blind date, leaves a ticket to a hockey game, and moves on. The rest? Well, that would be telling, but rest assured that passion is an emotion that is difficult to relinquish. You might think this is just a fling, but the consequences are very much out of your control.

But that is what we all want, whether consciously or subconsciously. Romance is built on excitement and energy, on an anything-goes mentality that will inevitably swallow your entire soul. That might be the case, but when someone like Max Yearwood actually makes it a reality? That’s a different story entirely. Keeland has put together another fiery tale here, a thrilling listen that will have fans eagerly awaiting every twist and turn.

Sidney Crosby

Initially built up as being the ‘next Wayne Gretzky’, it didn’t take long for Sid the Kid to prove that instead of being the next anything, he was simply the first Sidney Crosby. Multiple Stanley Cups with the Pittsburgh Penguins later (not to mention an iconic Olympic golden goal and countless individual awards), it is impossible to argue against the legacy built by number 87.

Thoughts still turn back to that iconic rookie year. Pittsburgh was a franchise on the edge of oblivion, putting all of its eggs in the Crosby basket in the hope of salvation. Sid provided that and more, putting up over a hundred points (and just as many penalty minutes), changing the direction of the Pittsburgh Penguins and hockey on the whole. This fabulous audiobook tells the story of that rookie season from those in the know, a season that is considered by many to be a Year Zero for the current generation of hockey stars. An Audible Original for the ages, hosted by Pittsburgh native and Penguins fan Joe Manganiello.

Impact Winter

This Audible Original performed by a full cast features some of the most exciting voices in the British audio world. How about throwing in an award-winning writer and an executive producer team beloved for their work on The Walking Dead? It doesn’t get much better than that, and Impact Winter is every bit as excellent as the hype suggests.

The premise is simple. Seven years have passed since a comet hit the earth and rendered the sun obsolete, and a band of survivors in a medieval castle are left to deal with the consequences of a barren planet that may or may not be inhabited by vampires. Sure, there is a tried and tested vampire hunter among the group, but what good will that be in a totally unrecognizable world? Impact Winter is every bit as terrifying as it is thrilling and the full cast positively sparkles in bringing the fear to life.

Finding Tamika

Finding Tamika is a true crime drama that searches for answers into the unexplained disappearance of Tamika Huston, a 24-year-old Black woman from South Carolina who went missing in 2004, and law enforcement’s turning a blind eye. Presented by Kevin Hart and Charlamagne Tha God’s SBH Productions, this gripping Audible Original is narrated by activist and actress Erika Alexander, who commands attention to Tamika’s case while giving a voice to Black victims of crime, who are often let down, ignored or overlooked by the systems of justice in America and beyond. Tamika became a name, and a movement, that sparked many Black women to stand up and demand to be seen and heard.

This audiobook looks at hard truths, systemic problems, and political dogma all of which is designed to make Black victims invisible—or at least, appear to matter less—to police and criminal investigators. Would Tamika have been searched for sooner, and perhaps even found, if her skin colour had been lighter? An impactful listen, Finding Tamika is a call to action and an indication that we all need to open our eyes to the way women of colour are viewed and protected within North America.

Here's Exactly What To Do

This multi-episode Audible Original from Mel Robbins is a transformative listen that will help set you on the path to success. Change your life, manifest your dreams, and learn how to work towards your goals in this motivational and instructional episode-based podcast. Robbins has a way of delivering useful information that’s clear and manageable, so that everyone can feel like changing their life is doable—and it is! Follow along as she walks you through the practical ways you can get into the right mindset to live your best life. Here’s Exactly What to Do will set you on the path to success.

Songs That Shook the Planet

Hip-hop legend Chuck D of Public Enemy explores some of the songs that had the biggest impact on the world—from politically charged tunes to revolutionary music with lyrics that were particularly socially conscious or sparked activism. He dives into the most important songs throughout history, all the while sharing his own stories and memories of life in the music industry. He expertly weaves his own life memoir into a historical look at artists, songs and albums from all genres and multiple decades, to paint a colourful and full image of dynamic and impactful music. Learn the stories behind some of your favourite tracks, or gain a deeper appreciation for those moving songs that truly speak to you. Chuck D brings music with a message to life for an enlightening and entertaining listen.

Sea of Tranquility

Emily St. John Mandel is the creator of best-selling and Scotiabank Giller Prize-shortlisted titles like The Glass Hotel and Station Eleven. Her latest novel, Sea of Tranquility, lives up to her reputation for masterful writing and is a shining novel in its own right. The story mixes fantasy, history and reality, weaving a tale through time. As always, St. John Mandel’s strength is in her compelling characters, to whom listeners will find it easy to connect to, root for and become invested in. Moving, magical and full of wonder, this is a beautiful audiobook narrated by a dynamic full cast, including John Lee, Dylan Moore, Arthur Morey, and Kirsten Potter.

The Candy House

If you’re looking for a listen that’s completely unique, you can’t go wrong with Jennifer Egan’s highly imaginative and widely praised novel, The Candy House. The plot, characters and style of this groundbreaking novel all push the boundaries of fiction to present a story about memory, meaning and human connection in a new and exciting way. Egan introduces an assortment of characters who each tell their story or chapter in a different format—from all tweets to first person, omniscient narrator or dual-voiced narrative. Each new chapter is an exciting take on the narrative voice, translated beautifully in audiobook form by a full cast of performers, including Michael Boatman, Nicole Lewis, Lucy Lui, and Kyle Beltran. Characters are complex and moving, and the story dives into new ideas with depth and imagination. Follow along on this tale of love and memory to see what happens when our memories become currency, and all that we know shifts. The Candy House is a must-listen that will astound and amaze.

The Diamond Eye

Kate Quinn’s The Diamond Eye is another outstanding audiobook that was released in 2022. Though a work of fiction, the tale is based on the true story of a history student turned heroic sniper—a lethal hunter of Nazis. Dramatic and haunting, this is a riveting tale of bravery, heroism and resilience in a time of darkness and danger. Forced to become something she could not have imagined, Mila Pavlichenko is thrust into a role that demands courage—both outward and inward—and a strength she did not know she had. Part thriller, part historical fiction, this is a truly amazing story of one woman's journey, and how her actions impacted the course of history and saved countless innocent lives.

The Golden Couple

Bestselling author duo Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen released another stunning novel in 2022, The Golden Couple. This thrilling story of a couple with deep secrets, and their controversial therapist is an engaging and gripping tale. Hendricks and Pekkanen create complex and interesting characters you can’t help but become attached to, and a plot that will leave you guessing the whole way through. Dynamic, exciting, and suspenseful in all the right places, this story takes a deep dive into therapy, what it means to make a marriage work, all the while spinning a mystery story that will have you on the edge of your seat.

The Paris Apartment

The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley is a classic whodunnit set in the gorgeous and dynamic city of Paris. When Jess tries to escape her past and move in with her brother, she is stunned to discover that he has gone missing—and the longer he is away, the more questions are raised. Follow Jess on her suspenseful journey as she seeks to uncover the truth by conducting her own investigation of all the eclectic—and secretive—neighbours to her brother. The story is both captivating and foreboding, building tension in all the right places. This is definitely a binge-listen, as the action and questions will keep you wanting more until every last truth is finally revealed.

How High We Go in the Dark

It is hard to find truly unique and inventive stories, but How High We Go in the Dark is just that. This nuanced and imaginative novel is full of imagination and creativity. Fall into a dangerous world of plagues, interstellar travel, medical breakthroughs and advanced science that is as relatable as it is futuristic. Author Sequoia Nagamatsu writes a beautiful tale that at its heart, is all about human connections. Powerful, moving and at times haunting, this book has a little bit of everything. A full cast of voices, featuring the accomplished Julia Whelan, bring the characters to life, spanning centuries and space to create a stunning performance that simply has to be heard.

House of Sky and Breath

If you haven't experienced the Crescent City series yet, you are in for a wonderful world of magic and mystery. Sarah J. Maas stormed onto the scene with this epic saga, quickly becoming a bestselling author, and growing a strong and devoted fan base. House of Sky and Breath is the second book in the series, and it brings all the excitement and wonder of the first installment. Spicy, sultry, and full of action, this story has rebels, battles, romance, and deep friendships, which all make for a dynamic and exciting listen. Start with book one before diving into this story that picks up right where the previous one leaves off. Like Maas’s many fans, you’ll soon be hooked on this passionate story that will have you gripped right through to the dramatic ending.

The War of Two Queens

Another epic not-to-miss series is Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout. The War of Two Queens is the fourth book in the series and carries on the paranormal tale. Armentrout builds a complex and dynamic world, with compelling characters. This fourth book carries on the story, further exploring the dynamics of major romances and relationships between Poppy and Cas. This is a hot and heavy story of romance, passion and danger, and the looming threat of war builds tension in all the right places. Stina Nielsen continues to narrate, with the addition of Tim Campbell, who picks up the male part, adding a layer of depth to the audio performance that separates it from earlier installments.

The Kaiju Preservation Society

John Scalzi’s Kaiju Preservation Society pairs real-world issues—like Covid-19—with truly out-of-this-world elements for a story that is both grounded and surreal. The society protects Kaiju—essentially dinosaur-like in appearance but peaceful in nature, they roam in another dimension and live a happy life away from humans. But of course, humans do threaten their existence as more and more people become aware of this new dimension, and both the Kaiju and human co-existence may be at stake. Exciting, inventive and laced with societal warnings, this is a poignant story that reflects on nature and humanity’s place in it—for the good and bad.

Star Wars: Brotherhood

Dive into this latest tale in the epic Star Wars universe to learn more about the brotherhood between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Star Wars: Brotherhood audiobook is set just after the events of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and continues to follow the fight against the oncoming clone armies. This story also explores the growing tension and friction between the two Jedi warriors as they fight alongside each other while also striving to find a balance in the shift from student and teacher to equals. Full of action, character development and excitement, this story is a great addition to the Star Wars canon.

Finding Me

Viola Davis’s much-anticipated memoir, Finding Me, is another amazing addition to this list of best books from 2022. The multiple award-winning actress and producer tells her story in her own voice, both writing and narrating the audiobook, and brings such vulnerability and honesty to the retelling of her life. From humble beginnings to big dreams, she covers it all as she confronts her past and forges ahead into the unknown. Powerful, motivational and candid, Finding Me is a moving listen. Whether you are looking for your own voice, or simply looking for more insight into her amazing life, Viola Davis bares it all. This is a must-listen audiobook that brings all the emotion.

We Were Dreamers

We Were Dreamers is another impressive autobiography released in 2022. In this audiobook, Simu Liu tells his story from early days in China with his grandparents to navigating a new country and family that feels like strangers after he is brought to Canada to live with his parents. This amazing story not only dives into Liu’s history but also highlights the struggle of many immigrants who feel the weight of cultural and generational divides. The story also goes on to document the chance events that led Liu into the world of acting, where he eventually found great success—eventually being cast in the outrageously popular Marvel universe as Chinese superhero Shang-Chi. While Liu’s story is unique, listeners will find it nearly impossible not to relate to him as he goes deep into his past, his feelings of alienation and insecurity and his joy in finding his true self.

Ten Steps to Nanette

Ten Steps to Nanette by Hannah Gadsby is another powerful memoir to come out of 2022. An established and award-winning comedian, Gadsby discusses her life and her career, as well as her sexuality. From issues of same-sex marriage legality to questioning her own identity, this audiobook has strong themes and doesn’t shy away from the tough topics. Gadsby also outlines the process that led to her ground-breaking and much talked about stand up show, titled Nanette, with humour, candour and a keen eye. Both comedic and deeply real, this is a powerful story told in a truly entertaining fashion. Gadsby's narration adds all the right wit for an extra special listening experience.

Run Towards the Danger

Yet another great memoir from a comedian is Run Towards the Danger. Though Sarah Polley excels at making people laugh, her audiobook memoir is all about confronting and speaking the truth—even when it is painful. Like Gadsby, she doesn’t shy away from the gritty parts of life, and she gives full access to her memories and experiences for a compelling and interesting listen. From concussions to trauma, Polley demonstrates her strength, resilience, and fighting spirit as she revisits some of the most difficult moments of her life. Powerful, inspiring and moving, this is a must for anyone looking for a motivational true story that is sure to move you.


Paul Holes spent his life solving America’s cold cases and now brings these eye-opening true crime tales to listeners everywhere in Unmasked. This listen is perfect for any armchair detective who can’t get enough of infamous real-life murder mysteries. Holes documents some of the biggest cases of his career but also opens up about the toll and hardship of carrying the heavy burden of such horrible crimes and death. Seeing the dark side of people, and society, is not without its cost, and though he has solved many cases, the images and nightmares don’t fade. Candid, vulnerable, and open, Unmasked is a powerful story that is part true crime, part psychological deep dive and all genuine.

The Office BFFs

Jenna Fischer (AKA Pam) and Angela Kinsey (AKA Angela) dive into all your favourite episodes and unforgettable moments from their hit TV show, the American version of The Office, in this behind-the-scenes audiobook. Great friends in real life, Fischer and Kinsey wrote the book together, and lend their voices to the narration as well. You’ll feel like you are sitting down with friends to talk through all the best scenes, untold stories and fun facts of one of the biggest TV sitcoms. From filming to motherhood, from pranks to camaraderie, get the scoop on everything that happened behind the camera in The Office BFFs.

How to Be a Boss B*tch

Christine Quinn is the epitome of a Boss B!tch, but her story may not be what you assume. Coming from humble roots and dropping out of school did not hold Quinn back, and she walks listeners through all the stages of her life from the early days to her time on Selling Sunset, to becoming one of the most talked about women in television and love-to-hate-her villain everyone wanted to watch. Her audiobook talks about self-branding, how to be successful, and the steps it takes to carve out your own career. Inspirational and real, How to Be a Boss B!tch is an essential listen for any woman looking to become their own boss and who isn’t afraid to speak out and stand up for herself, even at the risk of being called the B-word.


If you like listening to sad songs or find rainy days comforting, you just might identify with the outlook Susan Cain celebrates in her 2022 audiobook, Bittersweet. Like she did in her previous bestseller Quiet, the author sheds fascinating light on a misunderstood and undervalued state of mind. As Cain explains, embracing feelings of sorrow and longing can be powerful in unexpected ways, from increasing your understanding of hardship and empathy for others to stimulating creativity. Being willing to accept both the bitter and the sweet of all kinds of experiences makes life richer. Narrated by the author, this insightful mix of storytelling, research, and memoir will make you appreciate emotions and reactions that many people tend to avoid.

22 Murders

It was the deadliest killing spree in Canadian history, and it struck small town Nova Scotia with an unexpected violence that shook the entire nation. 22 Murders tells the true story of a murder that rocked Portapique, Nova Scotia, on April 18, 2020. Retired investigative reporter Paul Palango looks at the facts and the missing pieces of this strange case that left many Canadians deeply unsettled and full of questions. So much of the information about the killer—and why he was able to run loose for so long—was hidden by the media and police, and Palango tries to uncover the truth behind this terrible crime. Dark and disturbing, 22 Murders isn’t a listen for everyone, but it is an excellent example of investigative journalism true crime lovers will find riveting.

I Kissed Shara Wheeler

Casey McQuiston is an established romance and fiction writer who has penned such well loved titles as One Last Stop and Red, White, and Royal Blue. I Kissed Shara Wheeler is her debut into YA fiction, and the audiobook does not disappoint. McQuiston writes the angst, emotion and uncertainty of young adult characters with ease, spinning a coming-of-age story that is all about being true to yourself, and finding what you truly need—rather than what you think you want. Dive in, break the rules, and get messy with this witty tale of teen romance with heavy sprinklings of drama, suspense and mystery.


In Anatomy: A Love Story, Dana Schwartz deftly mixes science, medicine, the supernatural, and love together for one incredible listen. Hazel is determined to fulfill her dream of becoming a surgeon—despite being a woman in a man’s field and utterly lacking formal training. All she has to do is pass the medical examination on her own. But she needs to convince an acquaintance to help her bone up on anatomy—Jack, a resurrection man who makes his living digging up corpses. Dual narrators Mhairi Morrison and Tim Campbell bring the two main characters and their unexpected chemistry to life. A gothic romance with lots of twists, Anatomy is an engaging, fast-moving listen full of mystery, intrigue, and heart.

Book Lovers

Emily Henry’s Book Lovers is a fitting addition to our list of the best of 2022. Henry creates a classic love story that manages to still feel light and fresh. Nora is the book master and literary agent—she knows nearly everything about nearly every book ever written and brings a no-nonsense approach to her job of acquiring great books. When she meets aloof Charlie, sparks don’t immediately fly, but there is something irresistibly bookish about him that keeps drawing her in. This much loved author delivers yet another great listen for anyone who loves books. Light and heartwarming, Book Lovers is easy listening at its finest.

Something Wilder

Finally on our Best of 2022 list, Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings are the queens of romance stories and have created many favourites in the genre, including The Unhoneymooners. Their 2022 release, Something Wilder lives up to their reputation, making it a great listen for fans and for those new to their world alike. Lily is the daughter of Duke Wilder, a notorious treasure hunter who left her with nothing but bitterness and his hand-drawn maps to guide tourists on fake treasure hunts through Utah’s red rock canyons. Leo Grady is on a hunt for Lily’s heart—but she doesn’t have the patience for his foolishness. But then, the chance of finding a real hidden treasure changes everything. The authors create the perfect romantic comedy full of feistiness and sweetness. Entertaining from start to finish, Something Wilder is amplified by the voices of narrators Patti Murin, Jon Root, and Christina and Lauren themselves. You’re bound to fall head over heels for this perfect listen.