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Locked-Room Mysteries

A crime has been committed under seemingly impossible circumstances in this selection of whodunnits.

Small-Town Secrets

Piece together mysterious pasts with these listens that will keep you guessing.

Delectable Cozies

You may find murder, but you won't find gore. Come for the mystery, stay for the biscuits! 

6 of the Finest Locked Room Mysteries for a Thrilling, Interactive Listen

Nothing is more entertaining than solving a mystery. If you're looking for the perfect thrill, why not skip the escape room and spend the night indoors with a mystery. It's deathly cold outside, so instead, why not grab a glass of wine, close the door (lock it even!), dim the lights, and solve a gripping “locked room” mystery. Better yet, invite your friends over for a unique spin on the typical book club. Make it a race to see who can solve the mystery first by discovering more on our blog, Audible Explore.