Books by Indigenous Authors

Books by Indigenous Authors

Get in touch with North America's cultural roots and discover our collection of audiobooks written by Indigenous authors.

The 2020 FOLD Challenge Picks

Each month, the Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD) will select titles that represent the diverse theme of the month, and January 2020 is focused on Indigenous authors. Check out these and more listens by Indigenous writers below.

Go Behind the Scenes of Moon of the Crusted Snow

''What I hope people take away from Moon of the Crusted Snow is that there is hope,'' author Waubgeshig Rice shared with Audible in a conversation held at the 2019 Festival of Literary Diversity in Brampton, Ontario. ''Despite all the darkness that we endure even in modern society, there are things to be hopeful for.''

Moon of the Crusted Snow: A Novel
Written by: Waubgeshig Rice
Narrated by: Billy Merasty