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One wants to avoid marriage, the other, to attract a suitor. But can this pair of high society young aristocrats really toe the line between a fake relationship and a real one?

Simon Basset is an elusive bachelor who despises the idea of marriage, and Daphne Bridgerton is a debutant seeking a promising hand. When the two hatch a plan to appear as though they are an item, they both think they are getting exactly what they want from the deal - Simon will be left alone, and being seen with the Duke of Hastings should draw potential suitors to Daphne. But as the pair spends more and more time together it becomes difficult to draw the line between what is false and what is real. 

Julia Quinn spins an enchanting tale of high society, fame and scandal in her beloved series: Bridgertons. Now adapted into a Netflix series, the original eight-book series follows the stories of these gossip-worthy aristocrats. Each instalment focuses on a different family member, from Daphne Bridgerton, to Anthony Bridgerton in The Viscount Who Loved Me, Benedict Bridgerton, Colin Bridgerton, sister Eloise Bridgerton in to Sir Phillip with Love, and finally Francesca, Hyacinth, and Gregory as they navigate their place in a competitive marriage market, whether they are anti-marriage or attempting to find worthy suitors and love. With promptings from anonymous gossip writer Lady Whistledown, the story takes on a juicy and exciting nature, filled with scandal, speculation and a Noble Family's deepest secret. Julia Quinn spins this 19th-century arc of stories with ease, pulling on historical tropes and infusing them with new life, unorthodox ideas, and vigour, for a truly modern British classic.

The audiobooks are narrated by Rosalyn Landor, whose polished British accent lends itself perfectly to the Aristocratic family of this popular series of romance novels. She delivers the story with ease, adding both a posh element of pose, and the emphatic nature such a tale requires when things take a turn for the more salacious. This best-selling book series is a must listen for any lover of period drama. 

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