Mitch Rapp

21 books in series
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Follow the CIA’s top counterterrorism operative - and masterful killer - Mitch Rapp as he travels the world on a mission to protect and avenge the United States.

Mitch Rapp, CIA superagent and a terrorist’s worst nightmare, dedicates his life to keeping America safe from jihadists, ISIS, and other brutal extremists. A survivor of unspeakable violence and tragedy, he is driven by retribution and expertly trained to kill. Even when his handlers deny any responsibility for his actions, even when he becomes wounded and hunted, Rapp remains undaunted. Bullet by bullet, he continues his mission to take down the monsters responsible for the slaughter of innocent Americans, and stop monsters in the making. Packed with action and international intrigue, heroic feats and deadly secrets, these political thrillers are grounded in research and real-world scenarios that hit close to home.

Mitch Rapp meets his match in the masterful George Guidall. The Audie Award winner’s deep, authentic voice captures the tormented, fearless, and relentless lead character, adding complexity to these fast-paced thrillers. While taking listeners on an exciting ride, Guidall maintains a strong command of tone and accents, adroitly navigating male and female, American, European, and Middle Eastern characters.

Vince Flynn has been hailed as “the king of high-concept political intrigue” (Dan Brown) and praised for his “taut writing and plausible vision of the real work of the intelligence community” (Publishers Weekly). “Flynn didn't invent the post-9/11 thriller, but he might as well have.... [He] is the best pure adrenaline-charged action writer out there today" (Providence Journal). The author of several New York Times best sellers, he began writing his first thriller after the blow of being medically disqualified from the Marine Aviation Program and despite struggling with dyslexia since grade school. He became known for his research and prescient warnings about the rise of Islamic Radical Fundamentalism and terrorism. Vince Flynn died in 2013; Kyle Mills continues the Mitch Rapp story.

American Assassin, the series debut novel, inspired a 2017 movie of the same name directed by Michael Cuesta and starring Dylan O’Brien, Michael Keaton, and Shiva Negar.

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