The Baby-Sitters Club. Only from Audible. The first five in the series performed by Elle Fanning.

The Baby-Sitters Club

131 books in series
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30 years ago, Kristy Thomas had the great idea to start The Baby-Sitters Club. Now, Audible has brought her world back to life in this exclusive audiobook adaptation.

Ann M. Martin's classic young girls series The Babysitters Club is the perfect light read for tweens and young audiences. Originally released in 1986, the short novels quickly became cult classics and favourite book choices for young readers all over. The books are centred around Kristy Thomas, the founder of The Baby-Sitters Club, and her group of fellow sitter friends in Stoneybrook, Connecticut. Together, they deal with all the topical issues of their time, from phantom phone calls to issues of divorce, politics and the rest.

Each novel is a first-person tale told by one of the four central members of the club: Kristy Thomas, Mary Anne Spier, Claudia Kishi, or Stacey McGill. The stories became a phenomenon, quickly shortening to BSC for legions of fans worldwide. Ann M. Martin eventually penned a whopping 35 stories, each filled with characters and everyday issues that clicked with pre-teen girls and boys all over the world. The breezy style of the stories certainly didn't hurt, making The Baby-Sitters Club a series to be devoured.

Now shining as audiobooks, listeners old and new alike can enjoy the world of The Baby-Sitters Club. The first five titles are narrated by young acclaimed actress Elle Fanning, who reads each tale with enthusiasm and emotion. Fanning's voice is a perfect fit for these audiobook versions, showing the incredible benefits of casting a fan in the recording studio. Relive this best-selling book series or maybe introduce the stories to someone new, further growing the joyful world of sisterly bonding and babysitting madness that makes The Baby-Sitters Club so special. 

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