The Great Courses: Better Living

36 books in series
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Enhance your life and learn something new with one of The Great Courses from Audible.

It can be daunting, if not scary, to develop a new skill, learn a new technique, or invest in improving yourself. Fortunately, these simple straightforward The Great Courses from Better Living can help you excel in a whole range of new ways. From cooking to mediation or raising kids that thrive, these audiobooks will help you enhance your everyday life, and learn and grow in the process. 

Titles such as Food: A Culinary History, Practicing Mindfulness or Customs of the World are just a few examples of The Great Courses selections. Each inspiring audiobook focuses on a different topic in a rewarding lecture format, which begins to explain something new for you to discover and accomplish. Speakers include Professor Ken Albala, Mimi Guarneri, and Steve Joordens. Whatever subject you choose to pursue, The Great Courses allow you to pause and rewind as you please, for a unique on-demand learning experience.

There are 36 audiobooks in this series, covering a wide range of subject matter and interests. Each title dives deep into the background and research related to each course, and many are enhanced with relevant anecdotes and real-life stories. Innovative, intriguing, and downright useful, The Great Courses are the perfect listen to while you commute, work around the house, exercise or simply relax on your sofa. And each will offer you something new in the way of learning, growing and expanding your horizons. Find your next goal now, and start Better Living.  

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