The Twilight Saga

7 books in series
4.5 out of 5 stars 1,840 ratings


The romance between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen was always going to be difficult. Arguably The Twilight Saga is the most iconic vampire-themed fiction of the 21st century, Ilyana Kadushin brings Stephenie Meyer's words to life in this tremendous Audible series. The town of Forks, Washington will never be the same again.

Bella Swan is an average teenager who moves to a small, rainy town and falls for a handsome, mysterious boy who seems to be just as drawn to her as she is to him. She soon discovers that he is a vampire, their love is forbidden, and vampires aren’t the only supernatural force she has to worry about.

When the Twilight series was released around the world in 2005, nobody could foresee the love saga of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen developing into a billion-dollar franchise. Fast forward to the current day and Stephenie Meyer's most famous creation has conquered the planet, with Robert Pattinson kicking his career into overdrive in the film series version of the tale. Action, romance, intrigue and mystery abound throughout these four audiobooks, expertly narrated by Audible-favourite Ilyana Kadushin.

This audio interpretation of the best-selling book series takes the stories to new heights, imbuing the many characters of the town of Forks with new vitality. Twilight might be a saga of the supernatural but this remains a fascinating look into the ways and wants of human lives. After all, there is more to a vampire than an unquenchable thirst for human blood.

Stephenie Meyer's iconic saga brought vampires and werewolves to a whole new generation, now listen as Ilya Kundushin does the same for the audiobook generation.   

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