These at-home listens will help you hit your fitness goals in no time

You don’t need huge machines or expensive personal trainers to reconnect with a fitter you. With the right mindset — and a little motivation in your earbuds — you’ll be able to tap into your inner health expert in no time.

It’s easier to work out when you have a little guidance, which is why the right exercise and fitness focused titles are an indispensable part of any at-home fitness setup. Below, we highlight some content to motivate you while you workout, as well as a few titles to help you embrace a healthier lifestyle after you’ve hit the showers.

Work Up a Sweat with These Motivational Titles

With the right titles, you can find the inspiration you need to succeed, and first on our list are four titles guaranteed to help you take those crucial first steps toward your fitness goals and reconnect to yourself through listening.

Home Workout: The Essential Guide to Home Workout

You’ve dusted off the dumbbells and got the kids situated in the other room. Now you need to summon the drive to actually get your sweat on. Motivational listens give you the vital get-up-and-go you need to turn your living room into a workout space and this particular title has 22 different techniques and more than 25 workout plans tailored for people of any shape and size.

But what makes this title truly unique is that it tells you which household items are the perfect weight to sub in for dumbbells or barbells if you don’t own any.

The Lost Teachings of Yoga

The beauty of yoga is that for all its complex history, it’s extremely simple to get started. All you need is seating space on the floor in a quiet room and you’re all set.

Get ready to limber up as yoga scholar Georg Feuerstein uses basic postures and breathing techniques as a doorway to the deeper teachings of this age-old practice. Narrated by the master himself, this seven-hour guidebook will take you through the history of yoga, its core values, its many branches and much more.

The best part of this audiobook is it’s broken down into 12 sessions that progress in difficulty, so if you need time to master one area, you can listen to that session a few times until you’re ready to progress.

Walk to Run One Mile

Looking to get out of your head and out of the house? Lace up your runners and hit the asphalt with this fantastic introduction to the world of running.

Easing you into running by helping you take your first few steps and then ramping it up from there, these classes encourage you to train even on your busiest days. Designed to be completed over four weeks, each 25-minute class will help improve your form, your speed and your confidence.

Developed by Aptiv and narrated by personal trainer and fitness industry vet Jaime McFaden, this audiobook will introduce you to 20 guided classes that focus on stretching, strength and endurance training— whether you’re running outdoors or on a treadmill.

What I Talk about When I Talk about Running

Follow international best-selling fiction writer Haruki Murakami as he takes you on a journey of self-reflection and self-betterment. This meditative memoir on running, writing and the strange ways they intersect is a perfect guidebook to leaving the world behind and focusing on a single passion — in this case, the sound of cross-trainers hitting the asphalt.

At times introspective, philosophical and laugh-out-loud funny, this is the perfect listen to accompany you on that early morning run through the park. While not technically a training guide, the way the memoir unfurls — combined with Ray Porter’s calm, measured narration — provides the perfect cadence to change your daily run into a listening moment you’ll want to revisit again and again.

Form Stronger Habits with These Healthy Lifestyle Listens

At Audible, we understand that commitment to health and fitness doesn’t start and stop with your morning jog. Below you’ll find titles that encourage positive thinking, realistic goal-setting and approaching life with a bit of lightness and laughter.

Habits for Happiness

Hailed as Australia’s own “Dr Happy” and the founder of the Happiness Institute, Dr Tim Sharp’s step-by-step guide helps listeners lay a strong foundation of happiness and build positivity brick-by-brick in their everyday lives.

By following the ten daily habits outlined in this title, you can cultivate practical strategies for a happier home life, love life, work life and everything in between.

If you’re looking for an accessible guide to letting go of negative feelings and embracing life’s happier moments, this is the audiobook for you. If you like what you hear, consider these five titles that combine motivation and meditation that we published earlier on the blog.

A middle aged White man does a one-handed push up on the floor with his infant son on his shoulders while his wife looks on, smiling
Healthy as F*ck

Narrated by the writer herself, this Globe and Mail best-selling audiobook makes adopting a healthier diet and lifestyle less onerous by focusing on core health concepts rather than calorie-counting.

Duncan brings experience and wisdom thanks to years of working as a personal trainer and this no-nonsense, unapologetic conversation about habits and health will help you pinpoint your fitness and dietary goals and achieve them.

Getting healthy as f*/ck isn’t just about setting goals — it’s also about learning to let yourself off the hook once in awhile on the path to wellness. This incredible title demonstrates that fitness success is not just about shedding pounds, but shedding your own negative perceptions of yourself.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)

A charming and irreverent mix of memoir, Hollywood tell-all and cultural commentary, this audiobook is a perfect reminder that finding inner peace means not taking things too seriously.

This title explores Kaling’s early life as the daughter of Indian immigrants and explores her topsy-turvy journey to Hollywood fame, with a generous dose of observations on love, friendship and Pierce Brosnan’s chest hair sprinkled in along the way.

Narrated by a cast including Kaling herself, this listen is equal part narration and meditation on slowing down and enjoying the ride.

When you want to hit the treadmill for 20 minutes and you need a quirky and uplifting running partner, this audiobook about managing expectations and not falling prey to the criticisms of others — or yourself — might be the perfect choice.

Finding the motivation to focus on fitness and learn about your dietary health doesn’t have to feel like an uphill climb. With the right audiobook titles there to guide you along the way, reaching the top of the mountain won’t feel so insurmountable.

What fitness-related titles are you listening to? Share them with us today!

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